Creations Seven Seals Study: Seventh Seal

The Creations Department put together the last worksheets in the Seals study. Here is their latest report.

Wow, can you believe that we are already to The Seventh Seal?! We have arrived!!!

As Brother Joseph said to us at the Sixth Seal service, Heaven wouldn’t be Heaven without YOU!

Our hearts are still burning within us. We’ve stayed in the Word by studying like Brother Branham wanted us to, and the Lord has revealed so much to us! And there’s still even MORE to come! The revelation just keeps stimulating! How amazing that the Lord loves us so much that He wants us to know the things not even written in the Bible! What a love letter to the Bride of Jesus Christ.

It truly has been such a blessing for us to be able to put out these worksheets for you! We hope that they have been helpful to you with your studying. We have received such positive feedback and we appreciate all of your love and sweet messages.

We have our final two worksheets here to cap off our Study of the Seven Seals, even though we know that we’ll all be continuing our study for quite some time!

Remember to still keep us updated on your studies. Send your pictures to creations@youngfoundations.org while working on your worksheets! Below are our final two worksheets for this study.

"Review On The Seals" Worksheet

“The Seventh Seal” Worksheet

Click here to view the original article and the first set of worksheets, here for the second set, and here for the third set, and here for the fourth set.

May God be with you, till we meet again!


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