Agapao Tour Beaumont

If you were at the Beaumont meetings, then you saw what the Agapao Tour is about first-hand. The goal is LOVE and UNITY, and that is exactly what the Lord gave us!

There were about 500 people present the first evening, when we gathered at Ford Park Exhibit Hall to worship the Lord. Not only did we have most of the local believers present, but we also had visitors from as far away as Edmonton Alberta, Denver Colorado, Sierra Vista Arizona, Jeffersonville Indiana, and even Kinshasa Congo! It was a wonderful homecoming evening to start the meetings.

Saturday morning, we opened up the displays describing the Agapao Tablet, Subtitle program, Still Waters Youth Camp, and many other projects we have going at VGR. This was a very special time to us because we were able to talk with the local believers one-on-one. No matter where you are in the world, the spirit of the Bride is the same. Even the employees of Ford Park took notice. We heard comments like, “these are the nicest people we have ever met” and “I like what that man (Brother Branham) was saying about having love between the denominations.”

We added another 300 people for the Saturday evening service, with almost 800 people present. All who were there can testify that the Holy Spirit came down among us in a mighty way. Some were weeping, some were shouting, and all were touched by the Presence of the Lord.

Sunday morning was a perfect ending to three wonderful days of fellowship. Although many of us have never met, it feels like we have been friends for our entire lives.

We would like to send our special gratitude to Brothers Jack Bell, Al Stowell, James Kirby, and many more pastors who dismissed their Sunday services to encourage their congregations to worship together with us. It was a strong statement of unity, and we appreciate it. Thank you, our dear friends, for a precious time of fellowship and worship in Beaumont.

Our next big stop is Macon, Georgia for the weekend of May 20-22, where we have rented the Macon City Auditorium. There is plenty of room for everyone, so we hope to see you there!