We Shall Rise

What does Easter mean to us?

Oh, the resurrection means a lot to me. I'm anticipating on that great crowning hour. And then as the Light begins to spread, we'll know as we are known. We'll understand, and--and we'll remember our acquaintance and the--the ones that's been there.

And--and many, there'll be many there that we didn't even think would be there. For, you know, it's at that time, that I believe that the bread that we have cast upon the human troubled waters will return to us on that day, when we see the effects of our testimony on people that we didn't understand their action towards It, will probably be there. What a day that will be.

And then also, the seeds that we sowed, not even thinking that what they would do, but here they are. They brought forth precious fruits, and we'll see them on that day, the wayward loved ones and relatives.

59-0510M Mother’s Day

Friends, we have a lot to look forward to. We pray that each of you has a wonderful Easter weekend.