Creations is happy to announce our first ever videoed class! Many parents and Sunday School teachers have been writing in and requesting for us to do online videos so they can conduct their classes exactly like Creations does. Although this most recent class is part 2 of the Agapao Map project, we are anxious to share what it is like to be in one of these classes yourself! With every class, Creations puts out a tutorial, along with the lesson, as shown below.

As you know, Creations is a department here at Voice of God Recordings that acts as our “Sunday School” classes for the Branham Tabernacle. In keeping with Brother Joseph’s vision, Creations always points our children back to the Message of the hour.

Brother Branham said, the young people in the world today can tell us all about characters like Davey Crockett, but they can’t tell us much about the Story of the Lord Jesus, much less the prophet for our day! Our children don’t know who Davey Crockett is, but they can sure tell you who Malachi 4 is, or who seven Church Age messengers are, or who that angel was in Revelations 18:1, etc. Our projects are not just a “Craft Class,” but Creations has become a standard in which to keep our children in the Message of the hour!

A Creations Class always starts with Prayer, Bible Reading, Sword Drills, Message quotes, Quiet Time, and a lengthy devotion lesson. It is followed by a Message-based project, like a Pillar of Fire plaque or a 42” caribou mount…something that the children can take home with them to show their parents and hang on their wall, or display. If a picture of a ship will impress boys to become Navy men, what can a plaque of the Branham Peaks, or The Stature Of A Perfect Man display do for our children?

There are about 400 students in Creations here in Jeffersonville, and literally thousands participating in the lessons from around the world. If you are not already doing so, we would like to extend a special invitation for you to participate as well.

We’ll work till Jesus Comes!

God bless you,


Click here to view the tutorial on Creation’s website.

Ages 4-6

Ages 7-12

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