Agapao Tablet

There have been plenty of questions about Agapao Tablet lately. The excitement is building from all parts of the globe, and we all are anxious to see what the Lord is going to do with this new tool to get the Voice of God into the hands of the Bride. Here are a few of the more common questions we've received. 

Agapao Tablet FAQs


  1. How much does the Agapao Tablet cost?
    • $179 (This is the sponsorship cost.)
  2. When can I purchase one?
    • Right now we are sending them to the Bride overseas. Availability for U.S. is T.B.A.
  3. Why can’t I purchase one?
    • The tablet is designed for missionary purposes, with translations, especially in mind. We are pressing to get a good start putting the tablet in the hands of the overseas believers before we make them available here in North America. 
  4. I want to sponsor (X) number of tablets for a specific country.
    • The tablets are going out by region. You are welcome to sponsor a certain destination, but we may not be able to service that region for some time. There will soon be a sponsorship page on branham.org. Sponsorship cost is $135 per tablet.


  1. Who will be getting it first?
    • The Spanish-speaking Bride.
  2. When will the first batch be shipped?
    • The first batch went out the second week of March.


  1. How big is the screen?
    • The screen is 8” 1024x768 IPS LCD Panel. This is the same size as an iPad Mini.
  2. How long does the battery last?
    • 6 hours depending on screen brightness.
  3. Does it charge with USB?
    • It charges with 12V power because this is much more common in our target locations than USB 5V power.
  4. What comes in the box?
    • Tablet package includes tablet, custom case, cleaning cloth, charger, and accessory bag. The complete package weighs about 2 pounds. We can ship 7 tablets in our standard 14” x 14” x 8” book box.
  5. What size memory does the Agapao Tablet have?
    • The memory is region/language specific. The average will be 64 GB.
  6. What is the maximum memory it will support?
    • We have successfully tested up to 200 GB.


  1. How is content updated?
    • Via internet connection to the VGR Cloud and/or M.S.T.
  2. What is M.S.T.?
    • M.S.T. stands for “Message Sync Technology.” It is a wireless transfer at a rate of 5-10 MB per second. This technology is capable of updating up to 5 devices at a time.
  3. Can the Agapao Tablet access the internet?
    • No. There is no browser. It can only access the VGR Cloud. It is not capable of downloading any apps other than what is already pre-loaded on it or is pushed to it from VGR. Only Brother Branham or content VGR sends will be on the Agapao Tablet.


  1. What content comes pre-loaded?
    • All English audio and foreign gapped-tape audio for target region
    • The Table
    • Holy Bible
    • Videos (20th Century Prophet, The Deep Calleth To The Deep, and The Chicago Campaign)
    • Photos 
    • Cub Corner Magazine
    • Quote Of The Day
    • Articles from VGR websites
  2. Does the tablet have a tracking device that will allow it to be found if it is lost?
    • No. If someone loses it, we cannot find it for them. 
  3. That is a neat case. Can I get one for my iPad, (phone, etc.)?
    • They are custom made for the Agapao Tablet, so it will not fit consumer tablets.
  4. How long has the Agapao Tablet been in development?
    • 4 years.