The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Predestinated Seed,

Death is all around us, it’s going up and down the streets, in homes, in hospitals, it’s everywhere... you can feel it in the air. They are telling us this is going to be the peak week for death. Thousands will die, no one is exempt from the deadly COVID-19, but they are WRONG, The Bride is exempt, The Token has been applied and the death angel has to pass, as we are covered by The Word and this is going to be the BEST WEEK OF THE BRIDES’ LIVES. 

I  am under great expectation for this Red Letter Easter Weekend. For I know the Lord is going to move in a mighty way as The Bride Unites and dedicates this whole weekend to Him; fasting, praying, meditating on Him all day, hearing His Voice. It is going to be a weekend like no other.

As we gather in our home prayer meeting tonight, let us once again not only Thank Him for ALL He has already done for us, but Thank Him for what we are seeing Him do for us this very day as we see Scripture being fulfilled before our very eyes. Let’s Thank Him that we are living in the day that every prophet and sage wanted to live in: His soon coming. Let Him Know, His Bride is making herself ready.

God Bless each of you. I will meet you tonight at His Throne. 

Bro. Joseph

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