Free Indeed

We received the following from an inmate in Arkansas. This brother may be confined in a natural prison cell, but as you will read, he is free indeed.

Here is his testimony.

The Lord blessed me with this poem. It was inspired to me as I read 63-0724, “God Doesn’t Call Man To Judgement Without First Warning Him.” After I finished the Message, I placed it in the chapel for someone else to read. I don’t remember what paragraph the quote is from.

I am tempted to keep every book I receive from you. At the same time, I realize there are others I cannot reach except to give them away. The Lord knows who needs to hear His Voice, and the Word will reach the predestinated seed. There are 1900 men at this unit. I may never know who they are in this life, but I believe there are some who will receive Eternal Life because I was here. Not me, but He that is in me.

God’s Thundering Voice

The Message is urgent,
The time is at hand.
God’s Word has been spoken.
The Bride understands.

See, God sent Elijah,
To restore all things.
The elect believe Him,
And the Word He brings.

He’s more than a prophet,
Our dear Brother Bill;
The Voice of Lord Jesus,
To convey God’s will.

He introduced the Bride,
To Lord Jesus Christ,
Unveiled His Deity,
The Word, so precise.

The handwriting is on,
The wall for the lost;
This Message, rejected,
Damnation, the cost.

The churches rejected,
The Message so grim,
Foretelling their judgment,
For rejecting Him.

They’ve weighed in the balance,
Destruction their fate.
There’s no time to tarry,
To wonder and wait.

There must be some lost sheep,
Still straying in sin.
When they hear God’s Voice,
They’ll come right on in.

We flock to this Message,
To rest in God’s folds,
Our safe Place from danger,
His Word, true and bold.

Elijah is sounding,
To call us inside,
God’s Thundering Voice,
To wake up the Bride.

A brother in Arkansas

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