Sunrise In The East

Brother Jeremiah Villagracia, VGR office manager in the Philippines, gives the following report of sunrise Easter service where over 500 believers from 9 different churches gathered to honor the resurrection. 

With gladness and thanksgiving to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, we wish to share with you this report of a special spiritual blessings that we enjoyed for the fellowship we had with our brothers and sisters in Mindanao during the recent Easter Sunrise service facilitated by the Voice Of God Recordings last March 27 at Davao City, Philippines.

The service started before sunrise at 5am, and finished a little past 7am, wherein the presence of the Lord was so strong from the start to the finish. We knew that He would grace us with His presence for even the day before it, great anticipation was already visible among the brethren even with many of them had to travel for three hundred kilometers for many hours crowded in an open truck just to be at the place the night before.

Over five hundred (500) believers, coming from no less than nine (9) different churches from different parts of Mindanao, including the congregation from the Cubao Church in Manila, attended the event with high expectations for a great time of fellowship and spiritual blessings, knowing that the only speaker for the service was no other than the prophet himself, Brother William Marrion Branham.

And true indeed, the Lord had more than met our expectations for as soon as we started the service with hymns-singing and opening prayer and until we played the prophet’s Message, 58-0406S I Know My Redeemer Liveth, the entire place was enveloped by the mighty and sweet Presence of the Lord that brought cries of praises and reverential worship among the people.

The pastors and the brethren that were in attendance were in one mind and one accord as these are believers from different congregations which had been playing the prophet’s tapes in their churches as part of their regular worship service.

The continuing efforts of Brother Joseph and the Voice of God Recordings of making the prophet’s Voice freely available to all the Message churches and believers in our country, not only in book form but more especially in audio format, has gradually started to impact the people. More pastors and ministers, together with their congregation, have started to realize the immense spiritual blessings of playing Brother Branham’s tapes in their churches.

God indeed has a way of making His predestinated Elect stay anchored in His pure and unadulterated Word. And It continues to be so alive and brings joy unspeakable in their hearts.

Brother Jeremiah

VGR - Philippines