His Watchful Eye

But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.

2 Thessalonians 3:3

If we would just take notice, each of us could write a book about how the Lord Jesus has had His hand on us at all times. It could be avoiding a car accident or simply finding a misplaced wallet, but we should glorify the Lord in all things. This sister took note of how a special little bird brought her attention to something that went unnoticed for days. 

I have a little testimony that had happened recently. I was in my kitchen, doing my daily cleanups, and I started hearing a tapping on my glass door on the side of my home.

I thought it was the wind (since we were on the radar for bad weather that day) blowing my bamboo chimes and its hitting against the door. It kept happening, maybe every one to two minutes.

So, I decided to check and opened up the curtains to see this little robin sitting on the post right outside.

I thought, "Aww so cute," and I didn't pay much attention to it as I carried on with my day. Later on that day, my brother-in-law drew my attention to it, saying, "I know what's making that noise."

He then said it was some bird tapping on the glass, and it was probably there for the insects by the door.

A full two days had passed, and each day I kept hearing the tapping on the glass door. While on phone with my sister, she heard it too and I was like, "Robin, what do you want from me? Why do you keep harassing me?" I asked the bird jokingly.

So, I decided to video chat my sister, so she and I could check what the robin wanted. As I approached the glass door and pulled the curtains back, there I saw him looking right at me about five feet or less away. I looked up and saw there were no insects (as my brother in law had presumed).

I scanned the area and immediately looked down to where the locking system was, and all I could've done was thank God for what I saw: my door had been opened the entire time! And this little bird has been trying to warn me while I chose to shy away from it.

I thanked God instantly and I even thanked the robin! My elder sister, who was still on video chat, saw the entire thing and was thanking God for safety for us too.

Approximately two days, my door has been opened and we didn’t know it. We didn't even think about checking since we don't really ever use that side of the house.

I want to thank God for his protection and I should've heeded the warning sooner! God sent me a little robin and I am sooooo grateful for that.

It's the simple things that God uses to keep and guide us. The simple things...

Sister Amber


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