The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Christ’s Little Virgin, Word, Flock, Bride.

We are His Word Bride waiting for our Word Groom and His Millennium honeymoon. We’ll only listen to one Voice. “My sheep know My Voice. A stranger they’ll not follow.” What is His Voice?

Any man’s voice is his word. And this is It, the Bible, not one word to be added to It or taken from It. Just stay right with that Voice. “A stranger they won’t follow,” a denomination.

That Voice is His Voice, speaking on tape through the only divine interpreter of His Word, His prophet, William Marrion Branham. It’s Jesus Christ speaking through human lips. We don’t care about man’s words, man’s thoughts or man’s interpretation, we only care about the vindicated Voice for our day. It is THUS SAITH THE LORD.

God moved our prophet’s hands. God moved his eyes in the visions. He could say nothing but what he was looking at. He could speak nothing, ’cause God had full control of his tongue, his finger, every organ of his body was in full sway with God. No wonder the Bible said His prophets were gods; they were a part of God! He was God’s Word being manifested for our day.

This Bible foretells, by prophecy, the day and time we’re living in. What kind of events that would be taking place. It foretells it exactly to the letter, and has never missed one age. Those who are predestinated to see It, will see It. It’s the Word joining with the Word.

In every age, people let men put their own interpretation to this Word, and it causes them to be blinded to the event that’s happened. The same thing it done with the Pharisees and Sadducees.

They told the people, “We are anointed of God. You need us to tell you what the Word says. You need us to interpret It for you.”

As it was in that day so is it today. The deceiving part is they are anointed with the Holy Spirit. They do have a calling from God to minister the Word. They are to tell the people what the prophet said, but too many of them PLACE THEIR INTERPRETATION TO IT by making their ministry more important than the very Voice Of God.

Notice how they want to try to rally the people together around their ministry, around their interpretation of what God’s prophets said, but they simply can’t do it.

They hide behind and scare the people to justify not playing tapes in their churches by saying, “Them people place too much on the man and are worshiping him and not Jesus Christ. It’s a denomination to hear a message all at the same time from one place. Brother Branham never said play tapes in church”, thus avoiding the real reason, they simply do not want to play the tapes in their churches. Their ministry, their understanding, their calling, is more important than listening to tapes in church. They won’t dare say that, NO WAY, but their actions speak for them.

Any real true minister, that claims to believe this is the true end-time Message, the Voice Of God for our day, would never find an excuse not to play the tapes in their church. CHECK THAT STATEMENT WITH THE WORD BRIDE.

I have never said everyone must listen at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, or you’re not Bride, NEVER. I have never worshiped a man. It is Jesus Christ which receives all the glory. I worship the God in the man as THE WORD told us to do. How deceiving and blind they are. Just read the Scriptures my brother, it’s right there.

The devil KNOWS that any minister, or group of ministers, will NEVER unite the Bride; they don’t even agree with each other. Just like the Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and the Pentecostal, how can any one of them or combination of them unite the Bride…it simply CAN NOT.


The enemy hates it, so he is trying to destroy it, but it will be impossible to do so….GLORY!

As ever, they always, at the end of the age, have got in such a mess by their theologians and priests until it’s always a mess-up. Always their interpretation is wrong, not one time has it ever failed to be wrong. And not one time has God’s Word ever failed to be right. That’s the difference.

There is simply one way to be for sure, stay with the Word, the Voice of God on the tapes. Read your Bible, it will tell you what events are to take place in this day. It will tell you of His mighty angel that is to come in this day. It will tell you to stay with That Voice, stay with His chosen messenger.

If Satan hates any Book of the Bible, it’s the book of Revelation. It was written by Christ Himself. Then according to that spirit, Christ Himself must have put too much emphasis of His 7th angel.

And after these things I saw another angel come down from heaven, having great power; and the earth was lightened with his glory.

Christ Himself said the whole earth was LIGHTENED BY HIS GLORY. He didn’t say lightened by “My Glory”. Then according to your understanding, you are accusing Christ Himself putting too much emphasis upon His 7th angel messenger.

That earthly messenger was so close to Christ Himself, John tried to worship him, TWICE, but he said, “NO!, worship God.” That is exactly what we do, worship God. We do not place too much on the man, we just say what CHRIST THE WORD SAID….“the earth was lightened by his glory”. That gives us Stimulation By Revelation.

God does His Own choosing, by predestination, chose the prophets for every age. Notice it. He fixes the nature of that prophet to fit that age. See, He fits his style, whatever he does. He fits him whether he’s educated or not educated. He fits the gifts, the manner that he’ll preach in, the gifts he’ll have. And the Message for that certain age, God’s predestinated that certain thing to happen and there’s not another thing can take its place.

Play a tape, any tape, Sunday, nothing can take Its place. If you want to join the Branham Tabernacle as we listen to a tape, you are welcome and are invited to join us Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, as we hear: Events Made Clear By Prophecy 65-0801E.

Bro. Joseph Branham



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