Mother’s Day

25 Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

26 She openeth her mouth with wisdom; and in her tongue is the law of kindness.

27 She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

28 Her children arise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praiseth her.

Proverbs 31:25-28

We’d like to share a few quotes from the prophet on this Mother’s Day. What could give our mothers more honor than the Word of God!

You know, that mother's love. No matter what you do, it's never forgotten, mother's love.


And look, young children, young folks, I don't care what it is; you always have a respect to your father and mother. I think one of the awfullest things that I can hear little children say, or young folks, "the old man" and "old woman." Listen. That's not the "old man" and "old woman"; that's your daddy and mother. And someday, when you see them going out of the room head first, and the wheels beneath the casket, squeaking, you'll know it isn't the "old man" or "old woman" then. That's right. You hear the preacher say, "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust," you realize the best friend you ever had on earth is going down.

The trouble of it is, you learn too late. Don't weep, and cry then, and send lots of flowers, give them to them now. Be a good boy or good girl.


I think a little boy that likes to fish, and loves his mother, is a good boy.


That's a real mother. She taught him the precepts of the Lord. She told him how he must be holy. She told him how and what he must live, and how, what God must do, would do for him. And it stuck with Moses all the days of his life.


I tell you; what we need today is more good, old fashioned praying mothers and daddy's for their children. If we had that, would be the greatest support to do away with juvenile delinquency I know of.


Their prayers are still on the altar of God, and the Angels of God are gathered tonight here to answer that mother's prayer.


The first preacher that ever gets a child is a mother. There's four, five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and mother.


I think that a mother should be respected every day the same (That's right.), a real mother. And, but this day they call Mother's Day, is nothing in the world but a big commercial nonsense, just to drain people for money. And it's a disgrace to mother: a Mother's Day, for once a year, "Well, we don't go to see her, but we'll send her a little bunch of flowers and that'll settle it." That's not mother. My, goodness. A real mother is a woman that you--one that raised you, and you love her, and you see her and talk to her all the time, express your love to her all the time, not just one day in the year.


Now, there’s nothing any sweeter on earth, that we know of, than a real, genuine mother.


God knows we need more woman like that today. When womanhood is broke, the backbone of the nation is broke. When women get to a place that our American women are today, it's a disgrace the way our American women act.


And so, a good praying wife or mother, can do more for the Kingdom of God on her knees at home, than sometimes the preacher can do on the platform. That's right.


I tell you, the thoughts of a good Christian mother, is a treasure to a human heart that's never forgotten. God, give us more mothers that'll take their children, and instead of trying to teach them tap-dancing, and something to ruin and wreck their life, will read the stories of the Bible to them and tell of them of the God of heaven and peace. God knows that we need that above all things now for motherhood.


And you break motherhood, you've broke the backbone of any nation.


Did you ever have your mother pray for you? Oh, when my little old mother… I've seen her go back in the room to herself when we would be without food, and kneel down on her knees, and cry out to God. God give us some more old-fashion, praying mothers like that. That's the backbone of our nation (That's right.): good God-saved mothers.


If you've got a good wife, brother, you ought to respect her with the highest. That's right, you should do that. A real woman! And, children, if you've got a real mother that stays home and tries to take care of you, keeping your clothes clean, sends you to school, teaching you about Jesus, you should honor that sweet old mother with all that's in you. You should respect that woman, yes, sir, because she's a real mother.


You know, a man like Moses, he…If I could credit anything to his character, it was because he had a God-sent mother.


But there is something about just the pat of a mother, that seems to take a—a different place than anything else can touch; that is, in this life, humanly speaking.


But mother’s day should be every day. Not to send her a bunch of flowers on Mother’s Day, but to love her and care for her three hundred and sixty-five days and nights, through the year.


Mother is so great. You know, the first one that receives you, in this life, is your mother. No one can touch you, because you’re conceived, and she bears you under her heart. And she is the first to know you, and the first to, in this life, to—to hold you. Then, when you’re born, she is one of the first hands that touch you and wipes back the tears out of your eyes. She is the first one to pat you and to love you, and to coo over you, in this life, is your mother. Now, I think that there is not enough honor that we could give to a mother.

Mother is first with the child, and she is a great responsibility of what that child will be, will be based upon the way that mother starts that child on the path that it must travel. Mother has the responsibility, from God, to place that child on the right road. And I think that’s why mothers has a special little touch.


Susanna Wesley was the mother of seventeen children. She didn't have no push button dishwashers, and—and spigots to turn on to get water, and yet with all those children she could spend two to three hours a day in prayer around those seventeen children. From that little nest of little birds came forth a John and a Charles who stirred the world. We need more mothers like that with time to teach their children about God.


But one of the greatest, and to my opinion, the greatest president that we ever had in this nation, was Abraham Lincoln. Now, not because he was a Republican, but because he was what he was, a godly man. And he was raised, and he... to serve God. And he said, "If there is anything that I want to give praise to," he said, "or my life was influenced by, was a godly mother who taught me to pray and to know Jesus as my Saviour."


“Mother’s Day,” bunches of flowers. Why, every day should be an honorable day to mother. She’s off somewhere, old, go see her. That’ll be worth more than all the flower you could send her, or anything else.


Moses knew that he had been raised up for to deliver Israel; he had learned that from his mother.


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