YF Homeschool Report

It was all smiles and excitement as the local homeschool group presented their Spring Program to family and friends at the YF Youth Center here in Jeffersonville. We received the following report from the homeschool team.

YFHS Spring Program

The local home schooled children held their Spring Program Friday evening (April 28) to showcase what they’ve learned through the year. The theme for Creations this year was on “God’s Heroes” and Study Hall continued that theme with the children’s work. Study Hall is where the local home school children meet together once a week to work on their individual curriculums under the watchful eye of a group of sisters.

For the Spring Program, each class had a different assignment from character profiles, journal entries, biographies, poems, and interviews. Using the example of God’s Heroes in the Cub Corner magazines, they contributed to the special display boards with these assignments. The children were excited to show their parents the work that they did and how carefully they wrote their papers. They were proud to show off their classrooms and to show their families what they accomplished each day during Study Hall.

At the far end of the building, children’s voices could be heard calling everyone to gather close and see a special scene unfold. The skits were highly entertaining with loud laughter from the audience and at other times, it was hard to find a dry eye in the crowd. For Study Hall this year, the students started a new type of class on public speaking. It was apparent that this was a favorite with the children as they could be heard speaking loud and clear for their skits. Parents and families had an opportunity to watch some examples of what the students had learned in their devotional times for study hall: how that Daniel prayed, David had faith, Noah obeyed, food was stored up in the days of Joseph and for today, and that they themselves are young heroes for the Lord too.

It was a wonderful, relaxed evening full of fellowship and food. We are so proud of our young people. What a blessing they are.