The Agapao Tablet

Preparations to distribute the Agapao Tablet are full-steam ahead. We are now in the beta-test stage, which means that the product is out for rigorous testing to find any weaknesses that can be corrected before full-scale production begins.

The word is out among the overseas believers, and they too are catching the vision of the importance of this little device. The following is a song written by a brother in Cameroon.

With this, we simply want to manifest our gratitude to our Lord Jesus Christ for conceiving that instrument which is very important for His Bride, who we are, mainly at this period of lack of authentic Spiritual Food.

May God bless all the brothers and sisters, who contributed to make that spiritual tool! And especially God bless Brother Joseph Branham.

The Agapao Tablet


  • The Agapao tablet; a tool of spiritual engineering,
    Designed to help the Bride in a time of crisis, The Message is underway.


  1. My design goes back to eternity,
    I see the day after the jubilee,
    My name means vertical love
    And I strengthen brotherly love.
    Who am I?
  2. I went through four glorious stages:
    Tape, CD, SD Card, and Agapao,
    I am one of a kind,
    I don’t surf the internet.
    Who am I?
  3. If I end up among the worst pagans,
    I keep my consecrated identity,
    If I end up in the hands of a thief,
    Either he will give me up or I will convert him.
    Who am I?
  4. Within a range, I detect my own kind,
    And I exchange with them in secret,
    I don’t need the opinion of the owner,
    Because the love of Jesus must prevail.
    Who am I?

Inspiration from the Lord Jesus Christ to Brother Prospère

Yaounde, Cameroon

Voix de Dieu Tabernacle