Loved Ones

There is no greater desire in our hearts than to see a loved one saved and filled with the Holy Ghost. This young sister from Gabon had the desire to see her family lay aside the denominational system and open their hearts to the Message of the hour. Her prayers were answered this past Easter.

I am writing to you today to share my testimony. I am aware that it will be a little long, but I really want to give all the details of what I experienced during this Easter weekend, because for me it is all these little details that once again prove God's Love for me.

It all began a few days before the Easter weekend. By going on Facebook I could find a link to register the WhatsApp number of VGR. So I registered it. A little later I came across Brother Joseph's letter, talking about the Easter weekend and giving the directions and all the other details. At that moment it was like "deep calling to the deep" because there was a kind of click in me. I thought, “OK, I'm going to follow this program here and better yet, I'm going to fast all weekend."

From that moment on, I started to get really excited. I was so excited about this weekend coming up that I had to talk about it. There was so much joy in my heart, I had to share it with someone. I thought about calling a brother to tell him how excited and excited I was to see the weekend coming. The brother answered me and told me for the umpteenth time how good it is to listen to the prophet, because even though I had been in the Message for several years, I still had great difficulty listening to Brother Branham.

In the middle of the week, I received Brother Joseph's letter from VGR via WhatsApp. And again I was so happy already because it was the first message I received from VGR, and also because of the letter itself. So I read it aloud so that my little sister could also listen. She also decided to fast and pray during the weekend.

Then came Friday. I was so excited to start that I had hardly slept all night. So I started praying very early. In all the excitement, I had forgotten to heed the advice of Brother Joseph, who had been supported by a brother telling me to turn off the phone to avoid distractions. I had decided to follow the prayer chain during local hours, and also during Jeffersonville hours. Everything was going well from the beginning of my first prayer very early in the morning until exactly 9:00 a.m. at the beginning of the prayer chain in local time when my phone rang. I decide to answer because it was my aunt calling and I thought it must be important.

After giving me the reason for her call, she asked me to do an errand for the house. Politely, I told her that I had decided to give this weekend to God, and therefore I really couldn’t do that errand. So I suggested someone else to do it. She accepted.

Almost three hours later, for whatever reason, I decided to go to the living room where I found my mother complaining to my aunt with whom I was on the phone earlier. So I decide to find a solution, since it concerned the suggestion I had been given earlier. Unfortunately, it got so bad that my aunt blamed me. I started crying. Discouragement set in and I finally decide to stop fasting and prayer. But then in my heart there was a little voice telling me not to stop. “Go on and don't forget that there you see many Christians who haven't even started yet.” So I pulled myself together. From then until Saturday evening, everything went very well by the grace of God, who took care to wake me up a few minutes before the prayer hours when I fell asleep a little. And this without an alarm.

Saturday evening, I was on the second day of fasting and I felt so exhausted. I had severe headaches, toothache to the point that even my ears were hurting, and also my stomach was very sore. I was so bad that I didn't know if I was going to finish the fast or not. I was listening to the sermon "Turn your eyes to Jesus" and at the end of the preaching, Brother Branham asked the sick and the people who wanted him to remember them, to raise their hands. Which I did.

A few minutes later, I got up in a good way and began to praise and dance. I felt refreshed. Since Friday, the Lord had led me to listen to the sermon in the living room even though here it was 12 o'clock at the beginning of each sermon. On Saturday after the prayer, just before midnight on Saturday, I was sitting watching the time of the beginning of the sermon, when I saw my mother coming to the living room and sitting down. In my heart I began to say to the Lord, "Let Daddy allow her to listen to the preaching, please." Which she did for exactly 14 minutes, and then she told me she was going to bed.

It made me a little sad and I thought, "Lord, thy will be done. But Lord, if you can just get her back here and listen to the preaching, it would please me.” A little later I saw my mother come back to the living room, telling me she had a headache. She went to the kitchen to get some water and take some pills, and instead of going back to her room, she sat in the living room and listened to the preaching until the end.

On Sunday, God was good to me once again. Mama is a fervent Catholic who is always on the defensive when someone speaks to her about the Message. At home, even though there are many people, only my little sister and I believe in the Message. So I was afraid to tell Mummy that I wanted us to listen to the Sunday sermon as a family. I still had to gather all the courage I had to say it, and to my great surprise, she accepted without any difficulty. By the grace of God it was with my whole family that I listened to the Sunday sermon to the point that my little sisters and brother were taking notes.

For me, the best part was the part where we all held hands for the prayer at the end. That is how blessed this Easter weekend was for me.

May God bless you.

Sister Murielle

Gabon, Africa

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