Giving Witness

We received this testimony from a sister who asked the Lord not only for her healing, but also that she could be a witness for the glory of God.

Last October I was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Two different surgeons took part in diagnosing my biopsy and I was registered with the cancer society having Fuhrman carcinoma, grade-two cancer with an additional four doctors recommending that I have a portion or all of my right kidney removed, depending on what they found once inside.

They advised that I would lose a third, possibly half, or all of my kidney. Once you have this surgery, you are on a five-year life span and undergo CT scans to ensure you are cancer free. I sent an email to (VGR Prayer Request Line), wanting him to pray for me that I would be more of a witness and give God more of my life. Sometimes I would feel like I was just drifting, not going forward or backwards. I wanted to have more of a prayer life and get back what I know God has for me. Healing was second, being what God wants me to be was first!

My anchor held and I did not fear. I knew my God was more than able to deliver me as He did with the Hebrew children, whether He chose to or not. But I was comforted in my Lord. Another thing that kept coming to memory was “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health.” (3 John 1:2)

Fast forward to surgery: As I was going in, getting hugs and greetings from my dear family, I was not sure what God's plans were, but all was well. I woke up and started doing so good that they sent me home the following morning, within 24 hours of a major surgery. The surgeons had told me this was a major surgery, and I could be down six weeks.

On my first visit back, the surgeon came in and leaned back on his counter with a puzzled smile and said, “I don't know what to say…you do not have cancer.” Even the cancerous spot that had been tested and determined it was beyond a shadow of a doubt cancer, was now not cancer. Our God is God, Amen!

They had run tests again, not understanding. I was able to testify to two Hindu surgeons, my primary doctor, and everyone I had the opportunity to. By the way, I was back to work on the 10th day.

I hope this testimony helps. No matter how you feel, you hold on to our Absolute, the Message. Just shout out, “Boo devil!” I am a witness, it's not anything you can do, anything you can earn, just accepting what He's done for his Bride.

I'm so glad that I know what I know. I'm a miracle, I just love that.

Sister Debra


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