The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Blessed Ones,

What did our Eagle prophet tell us Sunday: WARNING, JUDGEMENT IS AT HAND!

He looked and foresaw way off, and warned the world what was to come, but they rejected It and thought they had escaped His wrath.

Now we find out that our proud America is not going to escape the wrath of God.

I can’t see nothing to build to. You can’t build to politics, it’s gone. You—you can’t build to social life, because it’s so demoralized. There’s—there—there’s nothing that you can build to there. And you can’t put no hopes in nothing.

Well, you can’t do nothing with the church, it’s so formal and gone, there’s nothing left. They’ve done sold out their birthrights for a mess of pottage, and they’re just waiting judgment.

The Holy Spirit has crossed this nation, showing His signs and wonders, and they continually spurn His grace. He a-vindicates Himself and proves, by His great a-vindication, that He’s the Word of God manifested in this day. And they still turn It down. See? There’s nothing left now.

There is nothing left, no place to go, no place to build to, no way of escaping His oncoming judgement, but to His Word, this Message, which is God’s provided Way of escape for His Predestinated Seed.

While the world is going through His judgment, getting ready to die, we are getting ready to live Eternally. We are now living in Christ a Victorious life over sin, death, and hell; we already have the victory. We are His evidence of His Victory over death.

Satan tries to tell us daily, “You don’t got It,” but praise be to God, we now know without a shadow of doubt and can tell him:

I got It. Amen. He gave It to me by His grace. I feel It. I know It. I see It working in my life. It changed me. And according to this Book here, He said that I had Eternal Life and would not be able to come to the Judgment, but I’ve passed from death unto Life because He took my judgment for me. And if He paid the price, don’t try to bring me to any Judgment. He’s done took it for me, and I accepted it. Yes, sir.

Praise the Lord, He paid the price for us, took our judgement, and then sent us His prophet to lead us to the Promised Land where we’ll have Eternal Life.

Let us come before His Throne tonight, thanking Him for all He has done, looking forward to all He is going to do, and ask Him to prepare us for what He is going to reveal to us this Sunday.

Bro. Joseph Branham

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