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It’s often the simple innocence of a child’s thinking that helps us realize that God is indeed reaching out to them through the Message of His prophet. As you might imagine, this sister is blessed beyond measure to see that her children are listening closely to the Message and building a foundation that will carry them through all the storms of life. Are our children listening? Yes, they certainly are!

I just wanted to share two “smiles” about my kids with you.

1: After the Third Exodus tape at the Branham Tabernacle, when we got in the car, my 8-year-old son Levy told me, “Mom, Brother Branham did a mistake.” I looked at him and said, “Son, a Prophet of God cannot make a mistake.” He said, “Mom but today he did.” I said “No he didn't.” He said, “He said ‘Second Exodus’ instead of ‘Third Exodus.’” I told him that there must be a reason why the Lord allowed him to said that. By looking at him, he looked like he wasn't satisfied with my answer, then I heard him say slowly, “Brother Branham, Third Exodus or Second Exodus? You said Second Exodus.” I didn't say anything to him after hearing him say that.

That next Sunday at church we heard the tape, “Is Your Life Worthy Of The Gospel?" When the tape started, Brother Branham corrected that saying, and said, “Someone told me that I said Second Exodus instead of Third Exodus, it was Third not Second.” My son looked at me and his face was very happy. After the service he said to me, “I was the one that told Brother Branham.”

I thank the Lord that they do follow. Sometimes I think that they are distracted, as they always keep turning pages on the Cub Corner or on their tablets, but finding out that their ears are listening makes me happy.

2: My 5 year-old-son Elijah was laying on the floor, and his 8-year-old brother came to me asking, "Mom, are we Christ like?" Before I could answer Him, his brother Elijah calls him and says, “Levy, you remember what Brother Branham said?” Levy asked him, “What did he say?” Elijah goes, “He said if you have any questions, go listen to the tapes, all the answers are in there, you don't have to ask mom, just go play the tapes.”

As a mother, my heart was full of joy to know that my children are paying attention to what Brother Branham says.

God bless you!

Sister Rachel


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