Love Letters

The following report is from a team of brothers and their Agapao Tablet distribution trip to the Zulu region of South Africa.

The excitement was high as we were getting prepared for our first Zulu Agapao Tablet distribution. We completed a final check on the tablets, and the admin work was given a final check before we loaded for our first port of call: Shakaskraal.

We loaded the truck and the hired vehicle and headed out, not knowing what to expect as it was a remote village 60 kilometers from the office in Durban.

We arrived early to set up our projector and the rest of our equipment. The believers started drifting in slow and tired after a hard day’s work, some from the sugar plantations. When all 37 of them were all gathered in a crude little structure which serves as their church, Brother Lucky led them in some Zulu worship songs. After the worshipping, I addressed them.

I started our presentation with the Voice of God slides. As the slides were rolling, the traces of fatigue of the day’s work in the fields left their faces. Soon they were rejoicing as they saw the believers in the different parts of the world receiving the Agapao Tablets.

At the end of the slides, I told them it was their turn to receive their Love Letters. It seemed as if that little structure could not contain the joy and excitement when the first believer received his tablet.

I took time to remind them of Brother Branham's first visit to Durban, how the first one in the prayer line was a Zulu boy, and remind them of Brother Branham's love for them.

From Shakaskraal we visited 14 other groups of believers, for a total of 15 places. Every group that we went to was unaware of what to expect, but at the end of every meeting it was exactly the same. After the presentation and the believers had seen the slides and the effect of the same Message on their brothers and sisters around the world, it excited them to know that they are not alone.

It stirs your emotions just to see their faces when we call their names to come forth and receive their Agapao Tablets. They are happy and rejoice when their fellow believers walk back with the tablet in their hands. There were believers that we went to that were gathered in houses just waiting for us. At one of the houses we could not count the people, because they filled the whole house right to the front yard.

Another outstanding visit was to Brother Elijah's church. There were only eight sisters, and it was in a zinc building with a dirt floor, but the atmosphere that was generated by that group. You would easily think you are in a palace. They just love the Lord and are not ashamed to show it. As their names were called by Brother Steven, they would go up singing and return to their seats singing with the tablets held high.

At every place we went to distribute the Agapao Tablets, each and every one expressed their appreciation to Voice of God, to Brother Joseph, and to the believers who made sacrifices to sponsor their tablet. At all the places that we went to, there was not a single sad face when we left.

Every group, regardless of the structures where we gathered, was filled with jubilation and happiness with the tablet in their hands.

One of the pastors said that he is having two tape services that Sunday and everyone must bring their tablets. Of all the Agapao Tablets that we distributed thus far, Brother Steven has only received positive reports.

God Bless you,

VGR South Africa

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