Keeping His Covenant

Now, aren’t we thankful to the Lord? Just glad, I’m so glad that the Lord is God. Amen. So glad that He’s a tender Father, full of mercy, honors His Word, keeping His Covenant, never forgetting It. He keeps His Covenant. He has to, He’s God, He made It. He’s the Fountain of all Truth. See? There cannot be anything else but unadulterated Truth all the time. Every Word He speaks is infallible. And this is His Word. And, O God, let my faith be infallible in It, amen, then It can become infallible as the Word is infallible, then the Word in that kind of faith will produce anything the Word says It’ll do. Amen.

62-0506 Possessing All Things

I just wanted to give a praise report!

I was visiting my daughter in Jeffersonville and was in service for Mother’s Day.

Bro Joseph added a category of mothers waiting on their babies, it was so sweet. My cousin’s daughter, Katie, has been married 10 years and unable to have a baby. I claimed Katie's blessing in his prayer. My cousin called me yesterday to tell me the good news that Katie is 10 weeks pregnant!

I am so happy for her and of course she's over the moon. I told my daughter the good news, and she looked at the calendar and it was exactly 10 weeks to the day from that Mother’s Day! Our Lord is so faithful.

They're not Message believers but they are wonderful Christian people and are giving God the glory for this miracle.

I reminded Cindy about the Mother's Day prayer, and she couldn't believe it was exactly 10 weeks. She said her heart was so full.

Sister Linda


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