Kenya Agapao Tablet Distribution Pt 3


What a victorious day that the Lord gave us! The believers were really excited to receive the wonderful gift of Love.

Thank you for your prayers, brothers. It has been such a wonderful experience to see that the Words that our prophet said that this Message will go into the jungles of Africa has been made plain in our eyes.

It is so amazing to know that now the believers in this part of the world will have a privilege of hearing this Message in their own language. It is really exciting to see what the Lord has done for the people and to know that the believers here can now have many, many books, pictures of the prophet, and the videos.

Many believers looked so tongue tied and surprised to see so many goodies and food that our prophet left us with. They had several options on what to feed on, and they seemed unwilling to let their eyes off from the tablet. The people really love the Message and the prophet. Most of them have never heard Brother Branham until now.

The distribution was similar to yesterday, with a few small changes to make things more efficient.

Here is our report.

Muranga Town Church Distribution.

We started our journey from the hotel at exactly 8:00AM. We headed to the venue and arrived 30 minutes later. We set up our equipment, then we waited for them to arrive, and then we began our presentation at around 10:00AM.

We served 2 churches from here.

Bro. Edwin

The team distributed 24 tablets at this stop. We will post day four of the Kenya Tablet distribution in the days to come.