The Table Desktop App

It is still the most powerful and most widely used tool that the Bride has to study the Message of the hour: The Table.

A couple years ago, we released the free Windows desktop version of The Table and last week we updated the app to include all 46 languages that we currently have formatted to work inside the search engine. That means that anyone with a desktop computer has the potential to use all of the powerful functions that The Table has to offer. And it’s FREE!

This version will work on almost any Windows PC. Simply download the app at this link and then install it on your computer.

Obviously, the ability to listen to any sermon and quickly download a sermon if you don’t already have it in your audio library is the most commonly-used function. Most people also know about the highlights and notes function. However, did you know that you can listen to a tape and automatically follow the text with Subtitle? It’s a powerful function that is used by individuals and churches around the world to project Brother Branham’s words (English or translated) up on a screen while listening to him speak.


Give The Table Windows PC app a try if you don’t already have it. It opens the door for many who like the convenience of using their computer to search, but also appreciate the simplicity of the mobile app.

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