Cambodia Distribution

Every nation on earth has its own set of obstacles, and the country of Cambodia is no exception. Buddhism is the dominant religion in the region, and although the people are generally peaceful, it is a difficult task to break down those long-standing walls of tradition. Bro Israel, VGR distributor in Cambodia, continues to do his part in spreading the Gospel to the people he was called to serve. Here is his latest report of how the Lord is overcoming obstacles both through His Word and the signs that follow.


I traveled to Kampong Chhang Province in August. Previously, I was in this same province in January 2016 and promised to always visit by the grace of God. I arrived in the evening and Ps Sok Chomreourn. My main contact in that province, told me there was a sister who was seriously sick in the hospital and would need an operation. She was having serious problems with her intestines. I told him that we would go to the hospital and see the sister. When we arrived there, she was in terrible pains. Her son was with her and the husband had gone to look for money for her wife’s medical treatment. I knew this kind of treatment can be very expensive and the family cannot afford it if God does not intervene. The situation was very bad.

I placed my hand on her stomach and told Pastor Sok Chomreourn, we should pray for her and ask for God’s mercy. After we finished praying, I gave the son $20 to buy food for him and the mother while in the hospital, and then we left. The next day I had to travel to Phnom Penh, as we were trying to come up with a plan to better serve the believers.

I went back to Kampong Chhang Province on the 14th of August. The first person I asked for was the sister I left at the hospital. Ps Sok Chomreourn told me the sister is recovering and she is now back at home. Hallelujah!

The pastor has 14 church groups in different parts of the province. I went to one group to baptize the few elderlies who had not been baptized and also some of the young people.

I will be going back there again, God willing, as there are leaders who want me to visit their groups. I had already distributed Message books and microSD cards to some of the leaders of these groups in my previous visits.

Ps Sok Chomreourn wants the leaders and elders in all the groups to be mature in the faith. It will be difficult for me to visit all the groups regularly as I have other provinces to visit. Christianity in Cambodia needs serious follow up as the tradition and religious systems constantly influence the people, and there are very few Message churches and Message believers around. The plan we came up with is to gather all the groups for fellowship and worship every month. There, we will play the audio messages. 

It is a plan I am looking forward to establishing in all the provinces. Keep us in prayers.

God Bless You,

Brother Israel

VGR Cambodia