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This little testimony, well it's a big testimony, it touched my heart! It’s so amazing to see what the work the Lord is doing around the world no matter where you live!

God is moving by His Spirit; moving through all the earth. Signs and wonders when God moveth; move, oh Lord, in me. This is my prayer when I see our Lord Jesus bringing the families around the world to His precious Word.

Amen, what a powerful testimony. Thank you for sharing this with me, I am in need of this daily manna.

When there are so many young people so distracted by the things of the world, she couldn't wait to feast at God's table. I pray her testimony speaks to many other young people around the world.

Every time a believer testifies of a healing, I rejoice and my whole body kind of gets refreshed. I love healing testimonies, they are a blessing not only to them who it receive physically, but also to us who accept ours after reading.

Praise the Lord for His mercy! This testimony was just what I needed to hear this morning. "I was very happy to feast at our Lord's table again," what precious words!

It seems like a double miracle to me. Yes, the complete healing, praise the Lord! Yes, a son walking close enough to the Lord, in the midst of a wicked generation, that he could touch the Lord's heart.

As our sister did, may I always praise God for the little things that He does every single day for me and my family!

Our boys, who are teenagers, love these testimonies. We as parents love that they can see through these inmates’ testimonies, that nothing the devil has to offer is good, but only death. They get to hear it from the experienced. It makes us all so thankful and humbled to realize how much God loves us and wants to keep us out of Satan's mess.

I always am so blessed by these “letters from prisoners”. Sometimes, I almost can't breathe when I read them. They keep me on the edge of my seat!

I am always amazed and moved by what the Word of God is doing in there. I liked the one which said, "words are nothing without the Spirit to give them life, and only God’s prophet has that Spirit.'

These testimonies are like a little symphony of music to my ears and I'm sure to God's ears also.

This article about Iranian persecution has made me feel guilty because of not having thought of praying for the believers in that part of the world. I have realized that I have failed to my duty as Christian, but by the grace of God I commit to be praying for the believers in Iran, in the Middle-East, and in Muslim countries.

They are really soldiers of the Cross! May the God of William Marrion Branham see them through! I will keep praying for them, and I will also ask some brethren here in Tanzania to keep them in prayers. God bless these noble souls in Iran.

I am excited to learn that there a number of Message believers in Iran, as I am currently studying in Iran, only that I am in different city. I perfectly understand the how the situation is, and indeed will take my stand with the brothers in prayer that the Lord will stand with them as He did the Hebrew children in the fire. My other prayer being that the Lord allow it that someday, before I go back home, I have an opportunity to meet with these gallant soldiers of the cross who have made their stand in this barren land.

I feel as if it was me in the early part of that testimony, but my regret is that when I got that kind of desperation in my heart, I didn’t drop everything like I wanted to do. I pray God give me back a chance like that where I am a house-wife at the moment.

I feel the blessing of the Holy Ghost anew as I read this!

God bless you Christian, what a wonderful testimony! It never fails to amaze me the way God speaks to us. All we have to do is get quiet and listen!

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