The Little Things: Press Play

We received the following testimony from a family who recognized a little sign of vindication that they are right in the Lord’s Perfect Will by Pressing Play.

Dear Prisoners of Jesus Christ,

I would like to share with you something the Lord did for my husband and me the other day. To anyone else this could have easily been overlooked, but to all of us who are one with God, by His grace, we know better.

I was working out in the yard early in the morning, pulling weeds and listening to the Voice Radio. I was enjoying my time with the Lord so much and could already feel Him speaking to me through the tape. It was just wonderful! I continued listening and pulling weeds until I hit a small rock. It was all tangled up in weeds and covered in mud. I pulled it out and cleaned it up, then realized it was the shape of a perfect flat triangle! Keep Pressing Play! It even has a little heart on the corner! I know He loves me!

Right then I knew God was reminding me how I too was once lost in sin, dirty, and tangled up in all the worldly things. But God chose me and predestinated me! He pulled me out and cleaned me up and showed me the way! Keep pressing play! That gift meant so much to me.

My mind also went to how just four or five days earlier we had gone down to walk around by the river. My husband had been picking up rocks to skip in the water. As he picked up one, seeing it would be perfect for skipping, he took a closer look at it and saw it was the Press Play symbol! He knew right then that it was a little gift from God. It made him so happy, as he could see how much the Lord loves him.

And now the Lord blessed me with the same gift! Oh, love of God, how rich and pure. How measureless and strong! Praise the Name of the Lord! How I Love Him so! God bless you all! Till we meet!

Sister Ruth

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