Month In Pictures

Here are some pictures from our representatives around the world.



1 - Burkina Faso

The first Agapao tablet distribution trip has begun in Burkina Faso!


2 - Mfou, Cameroon

We received some pictures of a home Tape service in Mfou, Cameroon.


3 - Mamfe, Cameroon

Some brothers took the Message into the jungles and villages near Mamfe, Cameroon. One new convert sought to be baptized after reading one of the message books.


4 - Gabon

Two Tape Boys infiltrated the villages of Yombi, Mandilu and Fougamou in Gabon, where they shared the Message, witnessed healing after praying and baptized several brothers and sisters.


5 - Nigeria

The Agapao tablet distribution continues in Nigeria.


6 - Goma, DRC

Brother Kubuya noticed many cassettes of Brother Branham had been on the shelves in the office for many years. He and his team recently handed out more than 2000 of them to the local brothers and sisters.


7 - Mhondoro, Zimbabwe

The Agapao tablet distribution has continued in Zimbabwe. This was to the village of Mhondoro.


8 - Brazzaville, RC

We received these pictures of brothers and sisters feasting upon this end-time Message during a recent Tape service in Congo Brazzaville.


9 - Mindouli and Kinkala, RC

227 SD cards were recently distributed in Mindouli and Kinkala in the Republic Of Congo.


10 - Tanzania

The Agapao tablet distribution has also continued in Tanzania. The brothers distributed 93 Tablets to (7) churches which had gathered together at the venue.


11 - Kakuma Refugee camp, Kenya

The distribution team also distributed SD cards to the Kakuma refugee camp. A total of 201 microSD cards were distributed.


12 - Kenya

Agapao Tablet Follow Up Trip; The brothers revisited venues to make sure everything is working properly and to help with any questions regarding the Agapao Tablet.




1 - Odisha, India

Over the course of 5 days in July, the missionary team visited 3 Pentecostal denominational groups and a tape church in 4 localities of Odisha. The Brothers came to strengthen and encourage the Brothers and Sisters that are believing and hearing the Tapes. After sharing the Message with 3 Pentecostal Churches 26 precious souls accepted the Lord and His Message and were baptized!


2 - Tamil Nadu, India

2020 and 2021 have been devastating years and the people of India have had many hardships. Covid has had 2 major surges and they are currently in the midst of the 3rd wave. The government lockdowns closed our shipping avenues but not before VGR was able to get a small consignment of Agapao Tablets into Tamil Nadu. Bro. Joseph asked that the staff at the VGR office in Chennai distribute those Tamil language tablets to believers in the city and a few surrounding areas. The believers were truly blessed and very thankful to the Lord for their precious gift! All were so grateful to Brother Joseph and the Brothers and Sisters that were able to make this possible. Please pray for the Saints in India that have met with so many hardships these last couple years.


3 - Pakistan

Throughout the month of July Brother Shamoon and the VGR staff held meetings and distributed Messages in various cities in Pakistan. In the cities of Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi, 26 souls were baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Brother Shamoon gives this special greeting"

“We Thank the Lord for His special grace over His most special Bride, what blessed days we’re living and seeing God’s purest anointing over us, truly He sent forth a special prophet with the perfect Word for this Hour “The Message” which is perfectly Thus Saith the Lord to us, God thought it, Prophet spoke it, we believe it, that settles it. Each day we are coming more and more closer to our eternal destination just the twinkling of the eyes and we will say “WE MADE IT”, no more sickness, no more pain, no more sorrow and forever we will be with our King, our Bridegroom, Our Dear Lord Jesus Christ. Amen!”


4 - Philippines

Brother Jeremiah and the VGR crew were very busy throughout June, July and August distributing the latest shipment of Agapao Tablets throughout the Philippines. The believers were so grateful and thankful to the Lord Jesus for this precious gift. Many expressed their gratefulness to Brother Joseph for his dedication and burden to bring them the Voice of God on the Agapao Tablet.


South America


1 - Colombia

The Agapao tour in Colombia traveled to Tulua and Popayan. On this trip, the VGR Colombia team were accompanied by VGR brothers from Mexico to assist in the distribution. Several meetings were held to accommodate the believers and 500 + tablets were distributed.


2 - Argentina

Brother Eladio Silva continues Agapao tablet distribution to the believers of Argentina. Children also received Cub Corner magazines as well.


3 - Peru

Believers continue visiting the VGR office in Lima to see the new tablets displayed and to purchase the available Agapao Hero tablets.


4 - Chile

A shipment of 2000 tablets have arrived safely in Chile. Brother Jefte Quian began distribution in September.


Central America and Caribbean


1 - Chimaltenango, Guatemala

Tablet distribution in Guatemala was completed in the beginning of August. Although a small country, the distribution to the Bride was a success. Over 200 tablets were distributed to the 12+ churches and groups that were visited.


2 - Guatemala City, Guatemala


3 - Jalapa, Guatemala


4 - Monjas, Guatemala


5 - Taxisco, Guatemala


6 - Mexico City

The Mexico City office received numerous visitors each week and Brother German and Sister Elsa Calva continued in the Agapao tablet distribution to the believers in Juxtlahuaca.


7 - Haiti

On August 13th, children from Parole Parlée assembly in Port-au-Prince joined along with other children around the world in a creation craft class called "Samuel Listened". They have rejoiced knowing that the same Voice of God that talked to the prophet Samuel also talked to Brother Branham. They were attentive to the exhortation of taking a position for the Word through their attitude with their families and friends. They thanked the Lord for this blessed day.