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The story of Imraan touched thousands of believers around the world. The following are some of the feedbacks we received from the original article. Note that many of these comments talk about how they will pray for our new brother, and they pray that he also will lead others to the Lord. We hope you enjoy the comments of the saints, and we look forward to posting the conclusion of Bro. Imraan’s testimony in the days to come.

Wow, such a touching testimony. May God strengthen brother Imraan.

There is Power in the Name Of Jesus! How that God brought this precious soul, right to the door of a storehouse of the Message of His Prophet Brother Branham! What an outstanding testimony. May our prayer and burden be like the one of Brother Keith, introducing souls to Him!

Oh! the wisdom, God gave Bro Keith in his words, I've learned how to meekly talk to the first time hearers of the message, the practical examples he painted to this man are wise! My goodness his prayer was answered and he had to deal with everything that came with it! and he did an excellent patient, humble Christian job to welcome Bro Imraan again and again when he faced immediate challenges/trials of being a Christian. Mostly I was healed and touched by your answer to the man, why he couldn't die at that moment he wanted! how you showed him the purpose of living for others like him to find salvation through you! God bless you Bro Keith for such a wonderful for the Kingdom and a wise, unselfish prayer indeed.

Wow i really appreciated this testimony. It makes the trial i am going through seem small. Thanks for sharing.

Amen. Oh what a time. I couldn't help of thinking of this story Brother Branham told. Wonderful testimony of the Living God.

One time when Caesar, after a great battle, he said, "I want my most famous warrior to ride by me in this great celebration of triumph over our enemy." And every one of the officers trimmed their plumes and shined their shields, and marched by, you know, like that, as—as real soldiers like that. After a while, a little, old fellow come by, cut. My! He just kind of looked up, and started on, like that. Caesar said, "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. You," not even dressed like a—an officer, said, "come here." Said, "Where'd you get them scars at?" He said, "Out on the battlefield." Said, "Climb up here. You're the guy I want to set by me." Why? He showed that he had been in battle. O God, have mercy on a man that can cut his hand on a sardine can and get a citation. I want to be battle-scarred. As Paul said, "I bear in my body the marks of Jesus Christ." That's why I want to battle on the field. - 62-0311 The Greatest Battle Ever Fought

This is a glorious testimony, such wonderful grace! I am so happy for Brother Imraan, and for Brother Keith and the other brother who prayed for the Lord to send one more soul. How great Thou art oh God!

It's just as Brother Branham said!

... When I once into His Presence and realized that there was Somebody Who loved the unlovable, there was Somebody loved me when no one else did, there was Somebody Who cared for me when no one else cared. I put my arms around His cross, I embraced it to me, and me and Him become one then. And from then on I've loved Him. He stained my bosom and my heart with His Blood, by touching me and forgiving my sins, and I'm happy tonight to be one of His. I never desire to leave this Heavenly place, though the tempter to persuade me oft hath tried; but I'm safe in God's pavilion, and happy in His love and grace, and I'm living on the hallelujah side. My! It makes my heart rejoice. - 62-0909E In His Presence

Praise be to God! One soul is worth ten million worlds!! Hallelujah! I'm so glad we are part of God's Great Machine, even working in harmony with that person who gave him the Gideon's Bible! All things work together for good to them that love Him!

Thank you dear Lord Jesus. What a wonderful testimony and answer to prayer! The Lord is so wonderful to put the desire on Bro Keith's heart, sending the brother to the right address with the right answers and direction to Him! His ways are so Precious and Mighty! Praise His Mighty Name and thank Him for allowing you all to share!

God bless Bro. Keith for sharing this wonderful testimony of how God answered his sincere prayer. Praying for Imraan as God continues to reveal Himself to him and leads him into the light of His truth. God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform. He is still drawing men & women to His Word! Praise the Lord!

What a beautiful testimony! Just how He does things that's how we know it's Him. Thank you so much for sharing this blessed testimony. I trust God will protect this brother till he receives his reward. God bless you.

The surge that ran through that young man was running through me as I read this testimony. We are all fighting with this flesh aren't we. I'm so grateful to God for giving you a soul to lead to our Lord Jesus Christ. How wonderful. I will be praying for Imraan. I'm grateful he's not running in fear and most grateful God led him to knock on your door! Praise the Lord!

Some through the waters, some through the flood, some through the fire, but All through His blood. God bless you All Saints.

Hallelujah! Praise God! God Bless you Bro. Keith for your hunger for lost souls! May I be inspired by the Holy Spirit to find someone every day to witness to and lead to the Lord Jesus!

This testimony just set my heart on fire!

Amen. He is still calling for His eaglets from the afar, East and West they shall come to the banquette and dine with the Lord. His Name is faithful and God who called Him and saved Him is more than able to protect him and give him a refuge for He is our Rock in a weary land, a refuge in the time of storm. Amen

If each saved one, won one. And each one won, won one. What hosts would be won, When everyone won, had won one.

Oh glory....thank You Jesus...this testimony thrilled my heart and soul and brought tears to my eyes... Lord help me to fulfil Thy perfect will for my life..

I am deeply touched by this testimony, I thank the Lord that Imraan found the Lord he was searching for. This testimony reminds me of how my candle got lit.

Oh hallelujah to Our Great King, The Lord of Hosts, Our Saviour Oh Lord Jesus Christ! Glory be unto Thy Name! Wow! My heart is filled with great joy about this testimony, Oh my! What a great feeling in my heart of a joy I can't explain! Thank you Lord Jesus Christ! The brother must not worry, God will protect him, he must know that Satan is a bluffer. God bless you all. Love you all very much.

What a testimony! This brought me to tears and on my knees just thanking the Lord for his grace. May the Lord Jesus Christ strengthen Imraan with his new found faith. God bless you brother Keith.

What a wonderful God we serve. He is always there for His seeds.

May God bless that brother. It reminds me how i was rejected by my family when i received this great message in 2002, from one brother, and my family which was Catholic believers rejected me by saying that if i don't come back in their denomination i will not have any communion with them. I told them that i can't reject the confirmed message, as they had seen the power of Jesus Christ working through me when i believed! A few months later they have seen the blessings of God upon me and they let me worship My Savior freely!! Up to now i still serve Him and He called me to preach this great Message and be a deacon in my local church in Kigali Rwanda. May He bless all His bride. Amen.

This has blessed me soooo much. I am reading this and having my breakfast and almost crying into my coffee. I love how God satisfied your burden for a soul. I am praying about this too, but I feel like I don't have the power to be a witness. This has touched me. I will be praying for Imraan. I have a great feeling about him.

What a testimony! I'm so happy for Imraan and I said a word of prayer for him too. Thank you Bro Keith. I'm blessed by the testimony. God bless you.

I have been praying also that God will help me bring souls to Him. What an amazing and encouraging testimony!!! Please pray for me that God will answer my prayers, for the sake of other's souls, and to His praise and glory.

Amen, what a wonderful testimony, it gave me strength to keep on testify about the Message Of The Hour. It is a fact that the Lord Jesus still Calling.

Umm that's real faith and God will see him through for the sake of His name that he accepted. May God bless him.

This can be nothing but God bringing Imraan in at the appointed time and the God is more than able to keep him through. Our God is the greatest. God bless you Brother Keith.

May the Lord Richly Bless Imraan and Br Keith (it is such an inspiration to us all). That is exactly how we have come to know Br Keith always about the Lord’s and Br Branham business in true humbleness and sincerity. Forever ready to give a helping hand and to assist where he can. Thank You VGR.

Thank you Jesus. This has just made my day. May His hand be upon the young man.

Amen. So happy to read that testimony. Truly we are to point people to Christ, get them to Him then He will take care of the rest.

Oh what a testimony God is still calling his elect. I was so thrilled. Thank you for this site it help us believers to keep on going and to know that we serve a living God. Oh how i love Him.

Praaaaiiise Our of Lord Jesus Christ! Oh what a testimony. I am highly thrilled because of Imraaan's salvation. I feel very good. The greatest miracle that I know of is to have someone believe in our Lord Jesus Christ. May our Lord sustain his salvation. Aaamen!

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