Creations Day - Verona, Italy

The following is a Creations report that came from our friends in Verona, Italy.

Dear YF,

On May 1st, we had a special Creations Day here in Verona for all the families whose children attend the Creations classes. The purpose of it was to reward all the wonderful kids that keep taking the tape quizzes we give every month, and also to show our appreciation to the parents that so faithfully put so much effort in keeping their families in the Word.

We planned different entertainments, all inspired by the Word and the Message, like shooting at the three red squirrels that Brother Branham shot, or shooting at crows that represents the negative thoughts, biking on a four-inches board, facing a three-meters tall Goliath, etc.

When in the morning we opened the doors to the families, there was such a sweet atmosphere that right away we knew God was blessing us with His Presence and it would be an amazing day. All the activities went on smoothly but with great excitement of the kids.

We also dedicated one hour of our time to the One who deserves it the most. All the different families had their Quiet Time while a beautiful peace came down in the park.

In the afternoon, we opened a reproduction of the shop of Schimpff’s, where the kids could get free candies and try the red hots that our prophet used to buy.

We ended up all the activities with tug-of-war and a treasure hunt, then the exhausted children took some rest enjoying a small skit with the puppets and a prize giving.

When the sun started to go down, it was a perfect moment to sing praises to the Lord, and we all joined our voices around a small fire.

At the end of the day, we received many reports from the families and the children saying “it was a perfect day” and “the best day of their life.”

We were glad to have a day where the kids could have fun far from the distractions and temptations of the world.

God bless you all at YF and the rest of the Bride in the world.

Creations in Verona, Italy

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