The Eagles Gathering Together

Dear Gathering Eagles,

Oh, what a moment, what a time! There is nothing left undone. God’s Eagles are gathering around the Carcass. Prophecy is being fulfilled. Not one time has It ever missed, and It won’t, for we, who have been predestinated to see It, see It.

Since Father took His prophet Home, never has His Bride been united around His Voice like it is today. He chose the way His Word would come, and that was by His prophets, which were predestinated and foreordained. And we are satisfied, and convinced, that this is Jesus Christ making Himself known, identifying Himself in prophecy.

How it was that He led the children of Israel through the wilderness, in their journey, as a type of the called-out people today. Here He is, by scientific research, even identified Himself before science. And by His very actions and by His very prophecy, the things that’s prophesied of Him to do in this day, to make Him the same yesterday, today, and forever, has been perfectly a vindicated. Isn’t it enough to make our hearts burn within us?

Like those apostles of that day, we are ordained to Life. The only thing we have to do is just make His Voice known. And that Voice is the very thoughts of God expressed. We believe all of It. We don’t have to scientifically prove anything, or ask any Sadducee or Pharisee, or anybody else about It. He said It and we believe It. His sheep hear His Voice, speaking through His prophet.

This Message is the Voice of God on tape. It is the entire Revelation of Jesus Christ, Old and New Testament put together. All secrets have been revealed. We don’t add to or take away from It. We do just as He has commanded us to do, STAY WITH THE WORD.

There you are. It’s that inside man. That inside that will punctuate the Word, hang with the Word, regardless.

He prophesied and told us what was to come to pass. The whole world would be grouping in insanity, and will get worse and worse and worse, until they’ll be a bunch of maniacs.

He said the hour is close at hand when we’re going to see something happen, something will take place. And all these Messages were backgrounding and laying a foundation for a short, quick Message that will shake the whole nations. I believe we are now seeing these things taking place right now.

And I know that, after my going away from this earth, them tapes and them books will be living on, and many of you young children will find, in the days to come, that this is exactly the Truth, because I speak it in the Name of the Lord.

Let us listen and pay close attention to all the details of the dreams the prophet told us about. How they saw him standing on a rock that reached from the east to the west, in a pointed shape like a pyramid. How he was on a horse that they never seen anything like in their life; great white horse, with a white mane hanging down.

How a white cloud came down and got him and packed him away. Then after a while it sat him at the head of the table and he was snow white. He was standing there and spoke with authority. There was no guessing to it. Every man understood exactly what he said.

“I’ll ride this trail once more!”

I believe we are seeing that take place today. These Messages are riding that trail once more. God is calling His Eagles together from around the world. They are uniting around His Word, His Voice, This Message.

The world is naked, miserable, wretched, blind, and don’t know it. But the Bride is dressed with the Word, glorious in Spirit, joyful by His Grace, and we can see and know who we are: HIS BRIDE.

He told us as far as he knew, he didn’t see anything to hinder, at this time, the Coming of the Lord Jesus, outside of the readiness of His Church.

Eagles, let us make ourselves ready. I invite you to gather with us around the Carcass on Sunday at 2:00 P.M., Jeffersonville time, to hear the Voice of God for our day make us ready for the soon coming Rapture as we hear: 65-0815 And Knoweth It Not.

Bro. Joseph Branham



Scriptures to read:

Revelations 3:14-19
Colossians 1:9-20


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