Installing The Table Android Application From The Google Play Store

To install The Table  Android App, open the Google Playstore App on your device. Hit the search button and type in “the table vgr” then hit enter. You will then want to select “The Table VGR.” Hit the install button to go through the process of installing the app.

Loading the micro SD card onto a Device with no SD card slot

If you have a device with 64GB of memory, you will be able to load the entire contents of the 32GB micro SD card or the entire contents of the 64GB card, as it comes directly from Voice Of God Recordings, before you add any other files and folders. (A 32GB device will work, but it doesn’t give you much room for other data on your device.) Should you have a device with less memory, you will need to put a limited number of sermons on your device and swap them out as needed.

1. To load the contents of the micro SD card on your device,  insert the micro SD card into the back of the USB adapter, then plug the USB adapter into your computer.
2. Go to Windows Explorer. It should show up as a removable drive.
3. Double click to open. You will see a list of folders located on the micro SD card.
4. To copy the entire contents of the micro SD card over to your device, hit crtl + a to select all the folders (If your device does not have enough memory to hold all of the contents of the card, select only the files you wish to add to the device.)
5. Then right click and hit copy.
6. Connect your device to the computer using the USB cord that came with it.
7. Go to Windows Explorer and select the device.
8. Double click Internal Storage.
9. Right click and hit paste.
10. After all of the files are finished loading, eject the micro SD card.
11. Eject your device.
12. Test your device to be sure everything is there and it works.

In the case you have already copied the files from the micro SD card onto your computer, go to the location on your computer where the files are, and copy them from there following the steps above.

Other Things you can install on your Device if you have the space
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