The Table 2010 (Version 3)

Voice Of God Recordings presents The Table 2010. A multi-MEDIA PACKAGE that combines:

The clarity of CD
The convenience of MP3 (160kbs)
The capacity of DVD

The Table is a comprehensive, multi-media product that offers A-1, high-quality MP3 sound reproduction. Every byte has been carefully reviewed to ensure that not one word of the original recordings has been removed by the compression process that is inherent to this technology.

The Table 2010 has all the features of The Table 2005 with the same user-friendly interface.

In addition, tens of thousands of corrections have been made to the text, and hours of newly-released material has been included.

PLUS The Table 2010 is filled with special features that make use easier for you:

• The audio for 1191 sermons is included.
• 55 re-filtered tapes with newly released material.
• Tens of thousands of text corrections have been made to the Message text.
• The audio of the King James Version Bible read by Alexander Scourby in MP3 format.
• The audio of the An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages professionally read is in MP3 format.
• Ability to run Message Search on a Mac using Crossover (Search Only - No Audio Integration).
• PDFs have been updated so any message can be printed in LARGE TYPE format.
• Use a normal printer to easily print your own Spoken Word Books. (It is even easier on a Duplex Printer)
• Updated French InfoBase with 156 French sermons available.
Features from The Table 2005 included in The Table 2010:

Play 1191 messages, the audio Bible, and the An Exposition of the Seven Church Ages book from your computer, while reading along with continue text.
Mark your favorites (often-referred-to passages) for quick recall.
Watch The Twentieth-Century Prophet and The Deep Calleth To The Deep videos from your computer or DVD player.
All discs are packaged as sets in attractive cases, and each individual disc is marked for quick reference.
The William Branham Evangelistic Association books and a wide library of other books including: more than 40 other books mentioned by Bro. Branham in his studies. (i.e.: Foxe’s Book of Martyrs, The Early Church Fathers, The Prince of the House of David, The Works Of Flavius Josephus>.)
The Table in DVD format (21 DVD discs in 1 case) containing 1191 messages, and the new 2010 Message Software $394.25. ORDER ONLINE

The Table in DVD format plus 1177 messages in CD MP3 format: $494.25*. ORDER ONLINE

* When purchasing MP3 CDs at the same time as The Table, royalties are only charged once.

The Table 2010 Upgrade (3 DVD upgrade pack) for those that already have the 2005 version of the Table. $39.00 ORDER ONLINE. (If you received your copy of The Table as a gift please call to place your order).

Minimum Requirements:

Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Win 7.
DVD-Rom drive (All files for the computer are shipped on DVD)
1GB of available hard-drive space for the software; 130GB for the Audio
Sound card and good speakers (Required to listen to the MP3 files from your computer.)

New Computer:

If you are buying a new computer, almost any new Windows computer that has a DVD drive, and a large hard drive will work. We recommend getting good speakers so you can appreciate the clarity of The Table.