The Table 2010 (Version 3) FAQ

How do I fix my Table 2010 Audio Player freezing while listening to a Tape?

Verify the MP3 audio files you are using with the player have not been modified in any way (especially album art embedded into the MP3 file). A small number of machines need a different timing in order to function correctly. This can be easily done by running a small utility that is included on DVD 1.

This should only be done if you are sure the MP3s are unchanged.

• Step 1: Insert The Table 2010 version 3 disc 1 and navigate to the Misc folder.

• Step 2: Double click on the Table2010-CAB-patch.reg file.

Can I migrate my Table 2005 Audio Player Favorites to Table 2010 Audio Player?


• Step 1: Click or expand your Favorites folder.

• Step 2: Click the import button.

• Step 3: Navigate to the previous The Table 2005 directory and double click The Table 2005 Audio Player Favorites.vgr file.

• Step 4: You should see the new favorites folder now.

Can I migrate my Table 2005 Folio groups to my new Table 2010 Folio?

Not with the software provided, however, if you’re interested in having your groups moved to the new version, please contact

How do I run the message search software on a Mac?

You must purchase a third party product called Crossover (Crossover) . We tested with Crossover Professional version 9.0.1, but the standard version should work fine. For instructions on “how to” import the Table 2010 bottle, see the Readme.txt file in the Mac OS X CrossOver folder on DVD disc 1.

I purchased the upgrade and I installed The Table 2010 without uninstalling The Table 2005 first. I then uninstalled The Table 2005. How do I get the 2010 Audio Player working again?

The Table 2005 Audio Player and The Table 2010 Audio Player share some of the same DLLs and resources on your computer, in order for you to have your Table 2010 Audio Player functional again. You need to run thesetup.exe on DVD 1 and perform a Modify without changing the features. This will repair The Table. See Help Manual on DVD 1 for more instructions on running the Modify for The Table 2010.

The Table 2010 Audio Player Continue-Text seems to be out of sync with the Voice. What is causing this and how do I fix it?

You have likely added album art to your MP3 files; replace all your Message MP3s with the MP3s you received from The Table DVD Package (disc 2 - 20).

Windows XP will not shut down. What can I do?

The audio player must be closed first in Windows XP. Right click the tape player icon in the taskbar and click Terminate Player before shutting down.

On Windows 7, while playing a tape with the 2010 Audio Player. I notice when I unplug my earphones or speakers and plug them back in the sound doesn’t work?

This is a problem with the Windows 7 sound subsystem. Our suggestion is to right click the tape player icon in the taskbar, click Terminate Player, and then start the audio player again.