The Table Android FAQ

When I try to download the application from the Google Play Store, I get a “waiting for network” error even though I have network access.


1.       Try clearing the data from the Google Play Store app by going to the settings on your device.

Go to settings>applications>Google Play Store then hit clear data.

2.        Force Close the Google Play Store app

3.        Try clearing the data from the Google Play Services

4.       Reboot your device

5.       Try downloading again

If the problem persists, please contact:



I am trying to download the Android Table app, but I am unable to do so, because I am receiving a 498 Error.


The app which you are trying to download is larger than your device's cache partition. Your device is unable to download apps on Google Play that are larger than the cache partition even though you may have enough internal storage space available. Any app larger than 20-25M is too big for certain devices, namely Samsung devices, to download at one time.


Try clearing all data from the Google Play store; the cache and data.


Try going to your Settings > Application Manager > All > select Google play store > then hit "Clear all data"


If that doesn't work and your device is rooted this app claims to fix the 498 Error.



When I try to open the application, it gets stuck on “Initializing Application” screen.

Please try uninstalling the application.

Delete the obb file from your device which may fix the problem.

To do this, you will need to use a file explorer.

Locate the Android folder, and open it.

Navigate into the obb folder and find the file named “” and delete it.

Reinstall the application.


If the problem persists, please contact:


I got a new Android phone or tablet. Can I transfer my notes and highlights from the old Android device to the new one?

Yes, you can transfer your notes and highlights from one Android device to another Android device. (At this time, it is not compatible to transfer your personalizations between Android and iOS.)

There should be a folder located on your device named VGR.

  1. You will want to connect your old device to your computer and copy the VGR folder to your desktop or somewhere where you will have it.
  2. After you get your new device, install the Table application.
  3. Connect your new device to your computer, and copy the VGR folder from your old device onto the new one.
  4. Close and reopen the Table application.
  5. You should see all of your highlights and notes.


I downloaded an audio file, and when I try to play it from the Table app, the audio will not play, but I get this error:

Media player error! File may be corrupt. Resetting.


If you get this error, your audio file has been corrupted.

Go to the music/VGR on your device and delete the corrupted file.

Redownload the file:


I loaded sermon audio files onto my device, but the application is not finding them.

The application is designed to work specifically with files from Voice Of God Recordings.

Try downloading a file from your internet browser to see if those files will play from the within the application.

A good source of the sermon audio files is our Table micro SD card. It contains all 1205 sermons, and comes in both 32GB and 64GB.

If your device has an SD card slot, all you would have to do is insert the card into the device and the application should find it, and play directly from the card.

If you don’t have an SD card slot, you will need a device with 64GB of memory, to be able to load the entire contents of the microSD card. (A 32GB device will work, but it doesn’t give you much room for other data on your device.) Should you have a device with less memory, you will need to put a limited number of sermons on your device and swap them out as needed.