Using The Table on Windows 8

There are no plans for a new release of The Table for Windows 8. The 2010 version will work on Windows 8 with a few tweaks in the install process. Here are the instructions to do this:

.Net 2.0 is required for the Table to run properly, but Windows 8 does not automatically install .Net 2.0 like Windows 7 did. The auto installer in The Table gives an error when it tries to do it for you because it does not recognize Windows 8. You will need to use the following method to install The Table on Windows 8.

Step 1: install .Net 3.5 (Which contains 2.0) From the Start Page in Windows 8

  • Click on search icon
  • Type “Control Panel”
  • Choose Control Panel from list
  • Click on search
  • Do a search for “Add Features”
  • Click on “turn windows features on and off”
  • A list of features will pop up:
    Click on the one labeled ".NET Framework 3.5"
  • Click OK
  • It will say “searching for required Files”
  • You should have the original Windows DVD inserted so it can find the files it needs to upgrade your system.
  • If you do not have an install disc, then you will need to have access to the Internet. It will get the files it needs from Windows Update.
  • When it is finished it will say “Windows completed The Requested Changes.” Click “Close”

Step 2: Install The Table.

  • Open Windows Desktop
  • Click on the folder icon in lower left to open “Computer”
  • Click on computer
  • Click on the DVD drive that contains the Table DVD Click on setup (The application) UAC will ask “Do You want to allow the Following Program from an unknown Publisher to make changes to this computer?”
  • Click “Yes”

Follow The Prompts to install The Table as normal.