How to use the Micro SD Card

The MicroSD card contains audio and text for 1,205 sermons, video files, and a variety of pictures of Brother Branham

A diagram of the process is shown below

  1. Insert the microSD card slot of your mobile device, and then locate the files on the mobile device menu.
  2. If your mobile device does not accept a microSD card, insert the card into the back of the included USB adapter, then plug the USB adapter into your computer.
  3. For devices (other than Apple), either directly copy the files to the device or use the device's software to load the media onto your device.
  4. Apple iOS devices such as iPad, iPhone, and iPod must use the iTunes program to load files from your computer to the device. Once inserted into your computer, drag the files from the card into iTunes. Then you will be able to load the sermons onto your device.

This media is engineered to run on many different mobile devices, as well as personal computers.

Further assistance can be found at your local VGR office or by email at