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Office Contact:

Marcellin Avihoue

Office Address:

06 BP 2121
471, Maison Lawson Sikècodji

Country Demographics



 French (official), Fon Yoruba

Christian 42.8%, Muslim 24.4%, 17.3% Vodun, 6% local religous groups, 1.9 % other religious groups,  6.5% no religious affiliation

Life Expectancy:
59.12 years

GDP per-capita:

Office Staff

Marcellin Avihoue

Office Manager

Manager History:

As a young boy, I wanted to become a football (soccer) player. The Lord took away that desire from me during an important game when I had a serious injury. I stayed in bed for more than three months for recovery. Then after this event, I decided to consecrate my life to God. When I was born, we were members of a denomination called “Chérubins et Séraphins.” I kept searching for the truth, going then to the church “Association Évangélique universelle”. My thirst was not satisfied and one day, as I was coming back from church, I met a brother named Soulé Kolade who introduced me to the Message of the prophet William Marrion Branham and he gave me a booklet, “It Is the Rising of the Sun.” On that day, around the end of November 1987, I became a fool for Christ. I could not hold it any longer and I got baptized on Saturday, December 5, 1987. I started to work with Voice of God on Saturday, December 24, 1988. It has been 29 years since and I am now responsible here for the operations of Voice of God Recordings.

At the beginning of the work, the office was in my own room and all the materials were stored in my house. We did all the distribution to the different destinations and churches from there. On April 7, 2004, we started to rent a facility and became accessible to the public.

Until this day, we have seen how God opened the door in Benin and the Message can circulate freely and reach the most remote areas of the country. People say Benin is a Voodoo country who tries to imitate the believers of Christianity in order to keep their disciples. Many of them are now accepting the real Faith of the Apostles, and this is making wonders in the field.

Every day there are visitors coming to the library because of its location in the city, a road used by almost everyone in Benin. This helps to spread the Message everywhere in the country. We also have another channel to reach the population which is our television program “Wake Up”, scheduled every Sunday on two different television stations, at different times. The speaker, Pastor Norbert Bambelou, informs the people on the Message in our generation and how our life must be centered on the person of Christ and His teachings. This has a great influence on everyone as we noticed more people from all aspects of society come to our yearly event “Vision Pentecost” organized every year by the servant of God, Pastor Norbert Bambelou.

This added to the work done by each pastor in their respective assembly is resulting in an increase of assemblies and their number of believers. We serve today more than 5,000 believers, without counting the denominations who come to receive materials from Voice of God.

We are grateful to the Lord for everyone He uses to send this Message to the predestinated souls. Many thanks to the VGR Teams in Jeffersonville, USA, and Montreal, Canada, for their planning and programming to serve all these countries. Nobody is left without material and all have access to the Message of the prophet. Finally, we are asking God to guide His servant, the leader of these teams, Brother Joseph Branham, of all that he needs to do what is good to the Lord and His Bride.

God bless you, Shalom.

Brother Celestin Tognon Librarian

Office History

VGR Benin office in Cotonou contains a storage room for the materials, a reading room also used to listen to tapes, the Director’s office, a reception and conference room, a kitchen with facilities and a display shelve to showcase the materials available for loan. We serve more than 5,000 believers and the office is financed with the support and offerings coming from loyal churches of Cotonou and Voice of God Recordings in US and Canada.