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Eale Nkongi

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Avenue Bolenge N°5288
Quartier Boyera
Commune de Wangata
Ville de Mbandaka
Province de l’Équateur

Country Demographics



French (official), Lingala (a lingua franca trade language), Kingwana (a dialect of Kiswahili or Swahili), Kikongo, Tshiluba

Roman Catholic 50%, Protestant 20%, Kimbanguist 10%, Muslim 10%, other (includes syncretic sects and indigenous beliefs) 10%

Life Expectancy:
53.98 years

GDP per-capita:

Office Staff

Eale Nkongi

Office Manager

Manager History:

My name is Brother Eale Nkongi, and I was born on November 28, 1965 in the Catholic mission of Wafanya in DRC, the same day the prophet of God preached the sermon: “God’s Only Provided Place Of Worship 65-1128M”.

One day, in 1983, I was studying with a Pygmy boy at the same mission; he talked to me about two things :

1.    You must know that God sent a Prophet named Branham

2.    He revealed to us the real baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ

With a burning heart, I walked a distance of 65 km (40 miles) to be baptized by believers of the Message. Upon my return, a friendship was born between me, a Bantu, and that boy, a Pygmy, in a mission where segregation between these two tribes was at its peak.

To save me from what my parents thought was a magic sect introduced to me by my Pygmy brother, they decided to send me in Mbandaka to study. It is there I will see for the first time the Message of the prophet in printed form; this will contribute to my spiritual growth.

Sixteen years later, during an election to replace the librarian who had resigned from his duties, I was elected as the new librarian when I had not even given my name to be a candidate. I have only one regret: Not having been able to be with the Prophet, but the Lord saw my desire and gave me the opportunity to work in the same Ministry, in the same field, and with the same family, with Brother Joseph  Branham, who continues the Ministry. What a privilege this is!

Giving the best of myself, I am serving the Lord without fear, day and night, on the waters, in the forests, everywhere the Lord leads me.
It is my position in the body of Christ: To serve this Message in its purest form, as the Prophet of God brought It to the Bride of Christ and nothing else, for this is my absolute.

Brother Jacques Iyomi Bongombe Assistant

Brother Frederick Eale Ekofo Warehouse Manager

Office History

The VGR library in Mbandaka started in 1986 under the supervision of Brother Caleb Ikongo Bonkangu. He worked until 1999 when he resigned and the local pastors entrusted Brother Eale Nkongi with the task.

The library moved from place to place, until it got its own place with the support of our dear brother Joseph Inkune Mboyo, who devoted himself to it, heart and soul to this program of God.

In 1988, the library served only one assembly in the city of Mbandaka ; currently is serves 53 assemblies, not counting the surroundings. It contains 27 libraries centers and sub-centers including a thousand of churches. Some of these churches have from two to three thousands believers.

This library established in the capital of the province of Equator distributes materials in the vast territories of : Basankusu, Befale, Bikoro, Boende, Bokungu, Bolomba, Djolu, Ikela, Ingende, Lukolela, Makanza, Mbandaka, Monkoto, and Wangata.