Contact Information
Office Address:

Friendship 2 Rue AAB2

Country Demographics



French (official language), Wolof

Christians 5%, Muslims 95%

Life Expectancy:
64.8 years

GDP per-capita:
1,636.89 USD

Office Staff

Godonou Mathias Godmath

Office Manager

Manager History:

Brother Godmath encountered the Message during the crisis in Ivory Coast in 1999-2000 while on a tourist visit, which led to him being stranded. A chance meeting with a young acquaintance at a video game arcade, who is now a pastor in the United States, led him to attend a wedding ceremony and subsequently commit himself to the message preached by the pastor at a regular worship service. He made the decision to be baptized in 2003.

In the late 2000s, Brother Godmath started making business trips to Senegal, where he eventually settled permanently by the end of 2009. Recognizing the call to serve the Lord and witnessing the fruits of his evangelistic efforts, he officially began his pastoring at a church in 2010.

In 2019, he attempted to meet brothers at The Voice of God (VGR) during his first trip to the United States but was thwarted by COVID-19. It wasn't until 2022, during his second visit to the United States, that he finally met with VGR officials to discuss the needs of the Bride of Christ in Senegal.

Office History

During his 2022 trip to the United States, Brother Godmath met with VGR to discuss providing Agapao tablets for spiritual growth among believers in Senegal. After spending two months in the United States, he returned to Senegal satisfied with the exchanges and visits to historical sites related to the prophet's life. Shortly after his return, VGR reached out, asking if Brother Godmath could represent the Voice of God in Senegal, to which he agreed.

Officially appointed as a representative of the Voice of God in Senegal, Brother Godmath began distributing Agapao tablets in assemblies in Senegal and neighboring countries as well. He conducted distribution missions in Gambia and another predominantly Muslim country in the sub-region, witnessing uplifting testimonies for the glory of the Lord's name. Brother Godmath remains committed to these distribution missions, always eager to serve the Lord and spread the gospel.