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5911 Charlestown Pike
Jeffersonville IN 47130 USA

Business: 812.256.1177
Fax: 812.256.6187

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Washington, D.C.


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78.5% Christian, 1.7% Judaism, 0.7% Buddhism, 0.6% Islam, 0.2% Hinduism, 1.2% other faith, 16.1% Unaffiliated

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The United States of America is one of the largest countries in the world based on both population and land area. It has a relatively short history compared to other world nations, has one of the world's largest economies, and has one of the world's most diverse populations. As such, the United States is highly influential internationally.

Office History

VGR Headquarters in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA

Brother Joseph Branham established Voice of God Recordings in 1981. His vision, although seemingly impossible at the time, was to make Brother Branham’s Message available to everyone in the world who had a desire to hear it. Our first office was in downtown Jeffersonville, at what was once a US Army Depot.

We outgrew our rented facility and the Lord made a way for us to build our own building, tailor made to distributing Brother Branham’s Message. We moved into our current location on the far north part of the city of Jeffersonville, Indiana, in 1999.  Our 68,000 square feet building is located on 73 beautifully manicured acres. Along with our main building, we have a 12,000 square feet warehouse with about 240,000 cubic feet of storage. Over the past few years, we have started Still Waters Youth Camp, about 30 miles north of Jeffersonville. To go along with our youth ministry, we purchased a 28,700 square feet youth center and another 12,000 square feet building for youth activities and classes, called Creations.

We currently employee about 100 people in the Jeffersonville area. Along with our Jeffersonville headquarters, we have 55 foreign offices with about 200 employees. These offices support thousands of lending libraries worldwide.

When I started Voice of God Recordings decades ago, I never would have thought we would reach this far into the future. Although we believed it would only be a few days until we saw the Lord return, we held strong to Brother Branham’s words, “If I knowed He's coming tomorrow and I was a farmer, I'd put my crop in today, sure. If He made me a farmer, I'm going to stay right at my duty.” We kept planting the seeds all these years, fully expecting the Lord to return, but He just kept growing wheat.

We started with five employees and three rented rooms in the little town of Jeffersonville, Indiana. Brother Branham set an example for us by never asking for money, no matter how bad things looked. I must admit that there were quite a few days when I didn’t know how we would make payroll that week. But each time, the Lord provided just enough for us to get by, and He continues to provide for all our needs.

Even though we could barely make the bills at home, the Lord placed a burden on my heart to set up overseas offices and libraries. I also wanted every believer to have access to all of Brother Branham’s sermons, but one cassette library was thousands of dollars and an enormous amount to ship. Against all odds, He continued to open the doors and we continued to move forward. Little by little, and country by country, we set up a network of distribution centers, offices, and libraries where believers could gather hear Brother Branham and read his books.

Over the years, we saw the once-impenetrable Soviet nations open their borders for shipments of books and tapes, and now we are even printing in some of those countries. Technology moved forward with modern printing presses and duplication machines. Cassettes gave way to MP3 files, where the complete Message library comes in a tiny package of CDs. Recently, we were able to give the entire world access to Brother Branham’s Message from our website, both in English and many other languages. But we didn’t stop there. As technology progressed, we have been able to make it even easier for the believers to access the Message through easier downloadable files, the microSD card, more efficient translation and recording techniques, and a website designed for both witnessing and for believers to have their own website in their own language. We’ve started a worldwide youth ministry called Young Foundations, built a youth camp north of Jeffersonville, and purchased two more buildings dedicated to our youth ministry. We now have about 100 employees in Jeffersonville, more than 200 overseas employees, 55 foreign offices, and thousands of libraries, serving about two million believers worldwide.

I know that this work has not come without sacrifice. Year after year, believers have put their shoulders to the grindstone to help send God’s Message around the world. The prophet Isaiah said, “So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. My friends, we can all look out across this crop of wheat and see that our labors have not been in vain. We will soon see the harvest that we all long for. Until that time, we’ll work till Jesus comes.

Brother Joseph Branham