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Brother Branham said, "Anyhow, you can't visit every nation. You can send tapes to it." When the soldiers go to battle, they need weapons, ammunition, armor, jeeps, tanks, canons, and everything else needed to fight a war. The general account at Voice Of God Recordings provides the warriors on the front lines with everything they need to fight the enemy.

The printing press, the collator, sound editing, computers, printers, software, salaries for about 100 domestic and 200 foreign employees, utility bills and expenses for the Jeffersonville Headquarters and 55 foreign offices, vehicles, office furniture... the list never ends. Almost all of these expenses are paid through general donations from individuals and churches who have the burden of spreading the Gospel throughout the world.

To make a donation, input the amount you would like to contribute and click the 'Place Donation' button.

We will also be happy to work with you if you would like to sponsor a special project. Simply write us an email at or call the office at 812-256-1177, and tell us what you have in mind.