Children's Passport Cover
The passport includes a passport cover to keep it protected. The case is available in your choice of colors
Agapao Tablet
Sponsor For: $179 
Churches, Sunday Schools, etc. please contact our office at 812.256.1177

This little machine is revolutionizing missionary work. Imagine if you spoke a different language, and only had a few Message books to read and a few cassettes to hear. And then you were given something that has EVERYTHING: all the books, all the tapes, all the translations, Brother Branham videos, search the Message in your language, highlight quotes, and you even get every new translation IN A MATTER OF DAYS from when it's finished! INTERNET OR NO INTERNET! It is the most powerful tool for distributing the Message that the world has ever seen.

We may not be able to send our love in person, but the recipient will know the name of the person who made the sacrifice to give them the Message of the hour. (Of course, you have the option of giving anonymously)

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Sound Wave Print

Children's Passport

We’ve engineered the Agapao Tablet from the ground up, creating a powerful, rugged tool that is designed specifically for one group of people: The Bride of Christ.

Each Tablet comes preloaded with all English audio and translated gapped-tape audio for the target region. It also has The Table software, the Bible, Videos (20th Century Prophet, Deep Calleth To The Deep, and the Chicago Campaign), photos, Cub Corner Magazine articles, Quote Of The Day, and much more!


The injection-molded rubber case is designed to absorb impact, while the gently sloping ridges and rounded surface are comfortable and stable in your hands.



The processor can handle a lot more than is currently contained on the tablet, opening the doors to future innovation and updates without making hardware changes to units that have already been distributed.

The internal speaker is powerful enough to be heard by a small group of people, and robust enough to be used every day for years.

The Lithium battery is large enough for many hours of use before needing a recharge. The battery can be easily replaced if it wears out. Our battery is charged by a standard USB charger. which allows for easy charging.

The headphone and charging jacks are of the highest quality and are designed for years of use.

The LCD panel uses a high contrast panel to allow easy viewing. The touch screen uses chemically hardened glass for scratch resistance and added protection.


No more printing, storage, packing, shipping, customs, distribution, etc. delays for translations! The tablets are able to communicate with each other through technology which we’ve developed to allow believers to share new translations with each other. Now, everyone with an Agapao Tablet has the potential to be a distributor of the Message of the hour.

  1. A new translation or update is finalized by our staff in Jeffersonville.
  2. The data is uploaded to the internet.
  3. The user of a tablet in any area of the world connects his/her tablet to the internet via wi-fi, and downloads the update.
  4. His/her tablet communicates with other tablets via a close-proximity radio.
  5. The two tablets sync, sharing the most recent data.
  6. The update quickly spreads from tablet to tablet, without the need for an internet connection.

Don’t miss a project! Every month, believers from around the world will pool their resources together for an Agapao Tablet sponsorship project. Each sponsor will receive a custom international postage stamp in the mail to place on a beautiful sound wave print or a YF passport.

The sound wave is the digital form of Brother Branham saying, “You can't visit every nation. You can send tapes to it.” A new stamp is sent out to sponsors every month, so you can collect all 24. Each stamp can be placed in its faintly outlined position on the sound print or passport. The frameable print is available for $10, and the passport is available for $5.

For those who would like to automatically deduct funds on a monthly basis for the program, you can set this up through PayPal (VGR does not save credit card information, so we are not able to make monthly deductions). The first step is to set up an account or login at this link. Once logged in, you will be able to set up automatic withdrawal through PayPal, or sponsor tablets directly.


Think about knowing the name of the person who is responsible for you receiving the Word of God! The name of the sponsor will accompany every Agapao tablet that is donated. Imagine, ten thousand years from now, meeting a brother at the corner of Hallelujah Avenue and Glory Road. You introduce yourself, and he tells you that he is the one who received the tablet you sponsored! What a day that will be!

You will be able to enter your name, your name and your family, your church name, or “in loving memory of...” You are also welcome to make it anonymous which will be displayed as “a fellow member of the Bride of Christ.”

Frequently Asked Questions
I want to sponsor (X) number of tablets for a specific country. Is this possible?
The tablets are being sent out by region. You are welcome to sponsor a certain country, but we may not be able to service that region for some time.
If my church sponsors tablets, will the church name be on the start-up screen?
Yes, but we cannot do this online at this time. Please call the office 812.256.1177 to coordinate this.
Can I purchase an Agapao Tablet for myself?
The Agapao Tablet is designed for missionary purposes, with an emphasis on translations. We can only manufacture so many at a time, so we are giving the overseas sponsored tablets priority. However, the Agapao Hero tablet is available for purchase. It is a Lenovo tablet that we have re-programmed with our software. It does essentially the same thing as the Agapao Tablet, without the additional features that are developed for overseas believers. Note that like the Agapao, the Hero internet access is restricted, so it is safe for children.
I have fallen behind on the monthly sponsorship. How can I catch up?
You will be sent stamps in ascending order, so you will not miss any stamps. However, if you missed a month donation, and would like to get caught up to the current stamp, then you can submit two seperate sponsorship donations. Once caught up, you cannot move ahead to the next month’s stamps. For example: if you miss June and wish to catch up in July, your first sponsorship will go towards the June stamp. The second transaction will allow you to catch up to July.
Rugged design for long lasting durability
Battery designed to be durable and replaceable
Peer-to-peer technology eliminates need for internet access
Charges via USB charger
Bright LCD display for easy reading
Preloaded with VGR software, apps, and content