Congressman Upshaw

The article you're about to read was first published in 2015. Today marks the anniversary of Congressman Upshaw's healing and we hope you enjoy this article concerning that remarkable event.

It was indeed a surprise to see the congressman here tonight. I shall never forget his healing. I feel that that... He was the one that the Angel of the Lord was referring to when He met me and said, "You'll pray for great men, statesmen, kings of the earth."

51-0719 Who Hath Believed Our Report

If you listened to today's Jubilee sermon, then you know the name William D. Upshaw. He served eight years in Washington D.C. (1919–1927) as a US Congressman from Georgia, and his zeal for the Bible gave him the nickname, “Billy Sunday of Congress.” He was one of the most vocal prohibitionists of his time, putting politics second to his convictions against alcohol. He was a lecturer, an author, and a preacher himself. He even made a run for president of the United States, when in 1932, he ran against Franklin D. Roosevelt as the Prohibition Party candidate.

Yet for all the honorable stances he took in his life, a spinal injury from a fall while working on his father's farm as a teenager left him unable to walk or stand for the next 66 years of his life. That all changed one night in 1951 at Calvary Temple in Los Angeles, California.

 Excerpt from 51-0719 Who Hath Believed Our Report


The following is an excerpt from Mr. Upshaw’s own testimony:

I walked into that Branham-Baxter meeting in Calvary Temple, Los Angeles, loving God and His blessed Word, leaning on my crutches that had been my "buddies" – my helpful comrades for 59 of my 66 years as a cripple – seven of those years spent on bed; I walked out that night of February 8, leaving my crutches on the platform – the song of deliverance ringing in my heart in happy consonance with the shouts of victory from those who thronged about me – their tears of rejoicing crystal with the light of the skies...

(During the service) ...I sat entranced, still praying for "appropriating faith," but holden, somehow, of that contact – and that contact with the Lord sixty odd years ago. Others were being healed all around me. Then Brother Branham lifted his hands saying: "Everyone lay your hands on your loved one as we pray." A great volume of prayer ascended throughout the audience of more than three thousand... Just then Brother Branham, exhausted, was carried from the platform. Brother LeRoy Kopp, Calvary Temple’s golden- hearted pastor, came back to the pulpit and said: "Brother Branham says the Congressman is healed." My heart leaped. I stepped out and accepted the Lord as my Healer. I laid aside my crutches and started toward the startled pastor and my happy, shouting wife – the bottom of heaven fell out!

Excerpt from 51-0509 Testimony


This is an excerpt from a poem Mr. Upshaw wrote in regards to his healing:

...Then the Lord sent William Branham –
Ern Baxter at his side,
With the ministry of healing,
In Calvary’s crimson tide!
Thank God, I caught the vision –
My praying wife was there,
Wrapping my every effort
In sweet prevailing prayer!

Then suddenly, Calvary Temple
Was lit with Heaven’s flame –
I threw away my crutches
And walked in Christ’s dear name!
I trust the "Great Physician" –
New Testament in hand –
I proclaim to all the people
In this and every land,
That Christ who brought salvation
When I was a wicked boy,
Now brings the boon of healing
And fills my soul with joy!
Sixty years ago, plus seven,
Since my new heart He gave,
And I rejoice to testify
His wondrous power to save!

"Yesterday – Today – Forever!"
Christ, thank God, the same
My Saviour and my Healer –
Oh praise His matchless name!
As from the grave in triumph,
He rose above the sod,
He lifts the trusting, clinging soul
Up to almighty God
- Wm. D. Upshaw

And beholding the man which was healed standing with them, they could say nothing against it.

Acts 4:14

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