Audio Department

2019 was another banner year for the Audio Department. With about 3 million believers to serve and more than 1,200 sermons to translate, they have their hands full.

So, what exactly does the Audio Department do here at VGR? The answer is, a lot!

First, all the English transcriptions and translations must start with high-quality audio. That means filtering out background noise that could have originally come from a number of things like faulty cables, poor-quality tape, low-quality recording equipment, etc. Why are some tapes higher quality than others? It was not always Brother Jim Maguire making tapes at the Tabernacle. Many of the tapes are from less than optimal recording locations, and recordings we have found from other sources that were made with lesser equipment. From the early 1980’s to the turn of the century, we spent countless hours editing (filtering) the original audio. Now we have an “A number 1” tape (as Brother Branham instructed) for almost every sermon recording.

Once we have good audio, then we are able to make an accurate transcription for the English Message books (text). Imagine if you had to write down Brother Branham’s words with a poor quality recording. Your transcription would not be accurate. And besides the accuracy, it’s simply more enjoyable for the Bride to have a clear recording.

And then, the translation work starts. All of these sermons need to be translated and recorded for the millions of believers who don’t speak English. The translators finish the translated manuscript (that’s another VGR department), and then the Audio Department takes over. The translators record the sermon in one of 18 international recording studios, and once everything has been checked and double checked, the Audio Department begins their editing process in Jeffersonville.

Predetermined gaps in the audio are filled with the translated audio, so it sounds like Brother Branham is speaking and then the translator is translating what he said. After the new recording is checked and approved, then the Audio Department uploads the file to branham.org and TheMessage.com, as well as The Table where the believers have access.

How long does the recording process take? It usually takes about one day to record an already-translated sermon. Once recorded, it is now possible for the Audio Department to have that sermon available for download the very same day! In 1987, it took two employees, working 40 hours a week, one month to edit the translated sermon “Indictment.” Now, one employee can edit that same translated sermon in three hours! Modern technology has given the brothers in the Audio Department a powerful tool to get the Message into the hands of the believers almost immediately!

Here are a few facts from the Audio Department from 2019

  • We uploaded 760 newly translated audio sermons to the websites.
  • The top three recorded languages in 2019 were Russian (66 sermons), SiSwati (62 sermons), and Italian (58 sermons).
  • The top three recorded languages of all time are Afrikaans (421), Italian (384 sermons), and Zulu (350 sermons). Russian is a close fourth with 345 sermons.
  • We have a total of 6,143 translated sermons as of Dec. 31, 2019, and that number grows every week.
  • Keep your eye on the branham.org Feed. There are weekly reports from the Audio and Text Departments that list their new translations.
  • When you see an update on the Feed, those sermons have already been uploaded to branham.org and TheMessage.com for download. You can click on the Feed links or go to the website audio page to download sermons.
  • The Table is updated once a month with all the new sermon translations. This means that anyone who has an Android phone (most believers) with The Table installed, has access to the new translations. If you have The Table, then you’ve got it all! Simply change languages in the menu and keep your app updated.