Pivotal Time In Russia

Our Russian brothers and sisters desperately need the prayers of the Saints. On November 16, 2017 we posted an article about a trial brought against the Message we all hold dear to our hearts, and today, the situation is as serious as ever.

There have been several proceedings over the past two and a half years. We had one victory in a lower court, but prosecutors brought their case to a higher court, which is where we are now. The trial is scheduled for this Thursday at 8:30AM Russia time (12:30AM Jeffersonville time), when both sides will present their closing statements and then the court will make the decision. If the prosecution wins, 21 of Brother Branham's sermons and the Seven Church Ages book will be banned in that country. There is a possibility of appeal to Russia's highest court if we are unsuccessful at this level. 

If for some reason the trial is postponed, then we will post an update on the Feed.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated by the Bride of Christ in Russia. This is a pivotal time for them.