Namibia Outreach

It may be a kind comment to a stranger. It could be a prayer in the quietness of our secret closet, or it could be that poster that we set up to make people think about their salvation. However the Lord leads us, it is our obligation to spread the Gospel.

In March, we posted an article about the outreach work taking place in Namibia. The following is report from the Namibia office of how a local newspaper reporter testified about that outreach. 

Missionary Pictures from our Namibia Office

Our posters are giving the Lord another opportunity to speak to people. It stands there on a missionary purpose always, not only as reminders, but also as living words through which the Lord can speak to people.

Two weeks ago on Friday, I opened the local Namibia Newspaper, and in it there was an article with one of our pictures in it.

A local reporter told her story of how the picture on the pillar spoke to her. I am not sure whether she realized the full impact of what just happened to her, but nevertheless she told her story and sent it nationwide in the newspaper. Here is a portion of what she wrote. While we would never speak about our Lord the way she speaks of Him, the point is that God tried to speak to her by showing her just how easily she may have ended up forever regretting not knowing Him:

It's one of those days when even the most cynical among us believe in (God).

An overweight woman is running across the street and yelling His name, and as she reaches the curb to begin a wait for a bus that will arrive just as drenched as she is, the sky cracks open with a bang and a bolt of lightning that sends her into hysterics and the arms of a stranger.

The tree the lightning hits doesn't fare much better. It loses a limb which falls heavily to the ground and the people at the bus stop in front of Bonjour stare at it in horror before clutching at each other like it's all of the apocalypse.

Though we're water's biggest fans, the truth is rain makes Windhoekers a little lunatic.

We'll complain about not having any to anyone who'll listen, but when it finally arrives, it's like God's been sprinkling napalm.

Namibia is a desert country where rain is truly appreciated. We wait for it 9 months of the year after a complete absence, and then really want to see it coming down. It refreshes our souls and nature jumps for joy when it comes. The brown dry bushes show their appreciation and give a green smile. Even the thorns and the thistles puts forth beautiful yellow flowers as it appreciates the season. Those of us who knows what it is, look at their beauty from a distance, because getting closer means your feet can get hurt if not covered properly in thick shoes. All of nature here in Namibia simply loves the rain as we don’t see it that often.

But when the skies begin to speak here with lightning flashes and loud roars, even the bravest of us seeks shelter not only from the rain, but also from the roars of judgment coming from the skies. With the rain comes the possibility of death. Our reporter here saw just how cruel the judgment from the sky can be when a tree was amputated right in front of her by lightning. She said:

I walked under that tree about two minutes before its involuntary amputation and my last thought before the screaming was “I wonder if I could survive being struck by lightning."

Moments after seeing death coming so close to her, knowing she could have been right in the path of it a few moments ago, she had another incident as she was almost run over by a car.

Though it quickly becomes clear that I may need to work on developing my sixth sense when boots slip on the pavement and sends me stumbling into the street and into the path of a furious woman in a white Honda who hoots and glares.

Narrowly escaping death for a second time, God then asked her the question through the missionary poster.

I've just walked through an empty alley on a day that's dark, wet and fit for misfortune and, instead of sitting down to a steak, I find myself walking towards Independence Avenue and towards Jojo's to go and fathom some photography.

And that's when a pillar asks me where I'll be spending eternity.

She posted the picture of the advertisement. Here God spoke to someone whom I don’t think realized properly just what He was asking her. WHERE WILL YOU SPEND ETERNITY?

When this life ends, are you prepared for the next? Millions right now in hell may want to come out from there for just a few minutes. Some may only want to come out one minute. One minute? Yes, just one minute. To do what? Just to have another opportunity to hear a sermon and give their hearts to the Lord.

How privileged we are to hear the true Word of God every day. Thank you VGR for making it available everywhere.

May God continue to bless you.

Brothers Arthur and Marius