The Russian believers appreciate your prayers as the case against Brother Branham’s Message in that country progresses.

We expected the case to be postponed again, which would give us time to review and prepare a response to any new evidence presented by the prosecution yesterday. We were surprised by 60 pages of new accusations. When we received the new material at the hearing, we immediately asked for more time. The judge declined our request, and gave us only 40 minutes to review the 60 pages of new evidence and prepare our case.

The judge did not rule one way or the other after our examination of the new material and questioning the witnesses. We asked that another expert be provided to examine the case and give a recommendation, and she granted our request. An "expert" will be appointed by the court, and the judge will then rule on their so-called unbiased opinion. We now have at least another 30 days while the government “experts” are going through the case and preparing an opinion.

Please continue to pray with us about the situation in Russia. These are critical times.