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June 2024

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 6.22.2024

65-0221M Marriage And Divorce

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 6.15.2024

65-0220 God's Chosen Place Of Worship

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 6.8.2024

65-0219 This Day, This Scripture Is Fulfilled

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 6.1.2024

65-0218 The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck

June Quiz Messages
published on: 6.1.2024

For this month's tape quizzes, we will be listening to 57-0421S The Great And Mighty Conqueror and 63-0122 Remembering The Lord.

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 5.25.2024

65-0217 A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 5.18.2024

64-0830E Questions And Answers #4

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 5.11.2024

64-0830M Questions And Answers #3

Month In Pictures - April
published on: 5.9.2024

From around the world.

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 5.4.2024

64-0823E Questions And Answers #2

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Marriage And Divorce
6.22.2024 8:00 AM

This is to my church only. Not my church…The little flock that believes me and follows me, this is to them.

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Marriage And Divorce
6.22.2024 8:00 AM

This is to my church only. Not my church…The little flock that believes me and follows me, this is to them.

Click here for the journaling themes on this sermon.

This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled
6.8.2024 8:00 AM

The Word had said that He would come just the way He come. And there He stood, reading the Word, and saying to them, “This day this Scripture is fulfilled in your eyes.” And still they fail to see Him or recognize Him, like they did in all other ages.

Click here for this Sunday’s journaling theme.

New Downloadable Shirt Designs
6.1.2024 10:00 AM

We’ve uploaded 2 new shirt designs, just in time for Still Waters Camp season! You can use them to make shirts at home, or have them screen printed at your local print shop. Click here to view them on the SWHC 2023 Resources page.

The Seed Is Not Heir With The Shuck
6.1.2024 8:00 AM

...the shuck has to leave the Seed, to get the Seed in the Presence of the Son, so It can be ripening. All in a type, we see.
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A Man Running From The Presence Of The Lord
5.25.2024 8:00 AM

We want to run into His Presence! This week’s journaling themes have been posted here.

VGR Phones & Email
5.22.2024 11:30 AM

The phones and email system are now back working again.

New Sewing Tutorials
5.13.2024 10:00 AM

Have you been looking for a new sewing project? Tutorials for a Robe and a Nightskirt have just been posted on the Creations website, along with the previously posted Nightgown tutorial. We hope you enjoy, Sisters!

Questions & Answers #3
5.11.2024 8:00 AM

But when you ask me anything, I’m going to tell you. If I tell you anything, going to tell you the Truth.

The journaling themes for this week’s tape have been posted! Click here to view.

God's Great Army
5.4.2024 10:00 AM

The tutorial and lesson for the Creations class “God’s Great Army” has just posted on our website! Click here to get started!

Questions & Answers #2
5.4.2024 8:00 AM

We have assembled tonight, Lord, for no other purpose but to know how and to learn how, by Thy help, to be better Christians and better fit subjects for this hour that we’re approaching. Click here to view this week’s theme for Questions And Answers #2.

Easter Photos
5.2.2024 1:00 PM

We received so many amazing Easter weekend pictures from the Bride around the world! They are posted under the Easter section of the Creations website, click the link here to view.

Questions And Answers #1
4.27.2024 8:00 AM

I thought maybe while I was here I’d have some questions and find out what was on my church’s heart...

We can’t wait to hear God’s prophet answer the questions on our hearts! Click here to see the journaling themes for this Tape.

Text Department
4.22.2024 12:00 PM

Text for 34 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
2 Amharic (Ethiopia)
1 Armenian
1 Bemba (Zambia)
1 Dutch (Holland)
1 Emakhuwa (Mozambique)
1 Fon (Benin)
1 French
1 Hindi (India)
1 Italian
1 Khmer (Cambodia)
1 Kikongo Kituba (Central Africa)
1 Lithuanian
1 Ciluba (Central Africa)
1 Luvale (Angola/Zambia)
2 North Sotho (Southern Africa)
1 Oriya (India)
2 Oromo (Ethiopia)
2 Oshikwanyama (Namibia)
1 Spanish
4 Swati (Swaziland)
1 South Sotho (Southern Africa)
2 Swahili (Kenya,Tanzania)
2 Vietnamese
1 Xhosa (South Africa)
1 Zulu (Southern Africa)

Proving His Word
4.20.2024 8:00 AM

And when there’s anything in question, it should be proven until you find out what is right. And then as you find what is right, It said, “Hold fast.” In other words, “Grip it, don’t turn it loose. Hold it fast!

Click here to print the journaling theme for this powerful sermon!

The Future Home Of The Heavenly Bridegroom And The Earthly Bride
4.13.2024 8:00 AM

When I live next-door neighbor to you, and when we eat of those trees, and we will walk in those streets, when we walk up those streets of gold to the fountain, drink from the fountain, walk into the paradises of God, with Angels hovering the earth, singing the anthems, oh, what a Day that will be!
Visit the Creations website for journaling and worksheets on this sermon.

Broken Cisterns
4.6.2024 8:00 AM

We don't need a man-made cistern, we are drinking from the Fountain of living Water! Click here to journal along with us as we hear 64-0726E Broken Cisterns with the Bride around the world!

Easter Pictures
4.5.2024 11:00 AM

If you’d like to send Creations your Easter pictures, you can email them here. Please try to limit the number of photos to 1-4 per family. The deadline to send in pictures is 4/9.

Recordings This week
3.28.2024 11:00 AM

Some of the recordings completed this week include: At the Zimbabwe Harare studio, the Shona messages 55-0117 How The Angel Came To Me, And His Commission, 62-0121m And Thy Seed Shall Possess The Gate Of His Enemy.

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At the Heimbuchenthal, Germany recording studio, the Italian translations of 60-0630 God's Provided Approach To Divine Fellowship, 60-0807 Debate On Tongues, 60-1127M It Wasn't So From The Beginning, and 61-0121 Mary's Belief. And at the North Carolina Studio we are recording the Ciluba translations of 64-1205 The Identified Masterpiece Of God, and 59-1219 Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost. Also the French 63-0803B Investments and Ewe 62-1104M Blasphemous Names translations were recorded.

Journaling & Tape Quizzes
3.27.2024 10:00 AM

Creations just posted journaling themes to go along with each of the Messages for Easter. Click here to view those, along with quote cards for our special weekend!

Recognizing Your Day And Its Message
3.23.2024 8:00 AM

We recognize our day and its Message! This tape is packed full, so get ready to take notes and journal this special sermon! Click here to get started.

Holy Week Journey
3.21.2024 9:00 PM

Come follow along for our Holy Week Journey, starting this Sunday, to commemorate the closing days of Jesus on earth. Click here to view the project on Creations website.

I think that the greatest thing we will celebrate this week, this coming week, was the greatest event that ever taken place on the earth.
- Brother Branham 65-0410

Going Beyond The Camp
3.16.2024 8:00 AM

We are greatly anticipating hearing this tape with you tomorrow! Click here to see a journaling theme for this Message.

The Feast Of The Trumpets
3.9.2024 8:00 AM

Creations just posted an updated version of the journaling theme for tomorrow’s Message! Click here to view.