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September 2022

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 8.13.2022

64-0705 The Masterpiece

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 8.6.2022

64-0614E The Oddball

August Quiz Messages
published on: 8.1.2022

For this month's tape quizzes, we will be listening to 50-0815 Who Is God? and 50-0816 Looking To The Unseen.

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 7.30.2022

64-0614M The Unveiling Of God

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 7.23.2022

63-1229E Look Away To Jesus

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 7.16.2022

63-1229M There Is A Man Here That Can Turn On The Light

Month In Pictures
published on: 7.12.2022

From around the world.

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 7.9.2022

63-1124E Three Kinds Of Believers

The Eagles Gathering Together
published on: 7.2.2022

63-1124M - What Shall I Do With Jesus Called Christ?

July Quiz Messages
published on: 7.1.2022

For this month's tape quizzes, we will be listening to 63-0707E Communion and 63-0728 Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed.

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Today's Recordings
9.28.2022 3:30 PM

The Zimbabwe Recording Studio, recorded the Shona sermon 64-0119 Shalom this morning, and 64-1205 The Identified Masterpiece Of God was recorded yesterday.

Prayer Request - Hurricane Ian
9.28.2022 8:00 AM

Please remember the Saints in Florida in your prayers as Hurricane Ian is expected to hit there on Wednesday and Thursday.

Red Letter Day
9.27.2022 10:00 AM

In September of 1961, Brother Branham shot the 42-inch caribou and the silver-tip grizzly! “Jesus never fails!”

Worksheets and coloring pages are available here.

Text Department
9.26.2022 10:00 AM

Text for 50 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Bengali (Bangladesh),
5 Chinese Simplified,
5 Chinese Traditional,
1 Dutch (Holland),
2 Ewe (Ghana, Togo),
1 French,
1 Indonesian,
1 Khmer (Cambodia),
10 Kikongo Kituba (Central Africa),
1 Kyangonde (Tanzania, Malawi),
1 Lithuanian,
1 Luganda (Uganda),
1 Norwegian,
2 North Sotho  (Southern Africa),
1 Oriya (India),
3 Shona (Zimbabwe),
1 South Sotho (Southern Africa),
1 Swahili (Kenya,Tanzania),
7 Chitonga (Zambia),
2 Tswana (Southern Africa),
1 Vietnamese

Prayer Request - Philippines
9.25.2022 9:00 PM

A new category 5 Super typhoon Noru is expected to make landfall on the mainland Philippines this evening. The typhoon is currently exhibiting maximum sustained winds of 130 miles (209 kilometers) per hour with gusts of up to 160 miles (257 kilometers) per hour.

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We earnestly ask for the prayers of all the saints around the world that God protects our country, and our people especially all the believers countrywide. - Bro Jeremiah (VGR Philippines Office)

Proving His Word
9.24.2022 8:00 AM

And when there’s anything in question, it should be proven until you find out what is right. And then as you find what is right, It said, “Hold fast.” In other words, “Grip it, don’t turn it loose. Hold it fast!

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Praise the Lord! This Message has been proven! It’s black and white to us, and we won’t turn it loose! We can’t wait to hear this sermon together with you. Don’t forget to print your journaling theme!

Prayer Request
9.22.2022 1:00 PM

Please remember our brothers and sisters in and around Mubende, Uganda, as there is an ongoing Ebola outbreak. Mbuende is around 90 miles west of the capitol city of Kampala, where the Voice Of God Recordings office is located.

Gospel Hymns
9.22.2022 12:30 PM

Just a quick update! We wanted to inform you that we have now posted Gospel Hymns volume 1 & 2 on both the and Youngfoundations music pages to download for your convenience! It can be found under the Album tab.

Red Letter Day
9.20.2022 3:00 PM

Ready for another Red Letter Day worksheet?? This time we are learning about where Brother Branham was in September of 1927! Check out the new worksheet, Are You A Rider?, over on the Creations website.

The Future Home
9.17.2022 8:00 AM

I'll know you, my people, my jewels in the crown. When they come from the East and the West, to the City; when fifteen hundred miles square, she'll be setting there, and the City built foursquare.

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We are under great anticipation to hear this powerful sermon!! Get ready to take notes and journal as Brother Branham tells us in detail about our Future Home! Click here to print the new journaling theme.

Prayer Request
9.14.2022 4:30 PM

Brother Amissi Kibinda, our VGR Librarian in Bujumbura, Burundi, just reached out and asked for prayer. He is sick with malaria.

Red Letter Day
9.13.2022 10:00 AM

In honor of Brother Billy’s life and service to the Bride, Creations has posted a new worksheet here.

Happy Birthday Brother Billy
9.13.2022 7:00 AM

Today marks Brother Billy Paul Branham’s 87th birthday. He has spent his life supporting God’s prophet and being in constant service to God’s people. Happy Birthday Brother Billy! We love you.

The Bride.

Broken Cisterns
9.10.2022 8:00 AM

We don't need a man-made cistern, we are drinking from the Fountain of living Water!

Click here to journal along with us as we hear 64-0726E Broken Cisterns with the Bride around the world!

Red Letter Day
September - 1916
9.6.2022 4:30 PM

I was about seven years old, and said, “Don’t drink or smoke or defile your body in any way, there’ll be a work for you to do when you get older.” 55-0117

Click here for a worksheet on the whirlwind!

Text Department
9.6.2022 9:30 AM

Text for 58 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Asante Twi,
1 Cebuano,
1 Haitian Creole,
1 Chitumbuka,
2 Ewe,
2 Farsi,
1 Hindi,
1 Indonesian,
1 Kaonde,
1 Khmer,
6 Kikongo Kituba,
1 Lingala,
1 Malagasy,
3 North Sotho ,
1 Oshikwanyama,
1 Punjabi,
1 Shona,
2 Spanish,
1 South Sotho,
1 Swahili,
2 Tagalog,
11 Chitonga,
4 Tswana,
2 Urdu,
3 Vietnamese,
6 Zulu

Recognizing Your Day And Its Message
9.3.2022 8:00 AM

We are dealing today upon a Sunday school lesson, that I want you to realize and recognize the time that we’re living. - 64-0726M

We recognize our day and its Message! This tape is packed full, so get ready to take notes and journal this special sermon! Click here for Creations’ new journaling theme.

Today's Recording
9.1.2022 2:00 PM

Today in the Jeffersonville Studio, Brother Matamba recorded the Sermon 57-0825M Hebrews, Chapter Two #1, in Ciluba.

Today's Recording
8.30.2022 4:00 PM

Today at the Jeffersonville Studio, Brother Matamba is recording the Sermon 60-0518 Adoption #2 in Ciluba.

Prayer Request - Pakistan Flooding
8.30.2022 8:30 AM

Please remember the Pakistan believers in your prayers. Severe flooding from the monsoon season has impacted almost 45% of the country.

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Over 33 million people have been affected with over 200,000 homes being destroyed and millions of acres of crops being impacted. Brother Shamoon, Pastor and VGR Office Manager in Pakistan, asks for the prayers of the Bride of Christ.

Recording Today
8.29.2022 9:00 AM

Today in the Jeffersonville studio, Brother Matamba is recording the 54-0624 20th Century Prophet/Deep Calleth To The Deep video in Ciluba. And the Zimbabwe Recording Studio is recording the Shona Message 57-1006 Questions and Answers Hebrews Part III.

Going Beyond The Camp
8.27.2022 8:30 AM

We are under great anticipation to hear Going Beyond The Camp! Check the Creations website for a new journaling theme on this sermon.

Text Department
8.25.2022 5:30 PM

Text for 48 new sermon translations in PDF format was loaded to the sermon page.

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This includes:
1 Afrikaans (South Africa, Namibia),
3 Amharic (Ethiopia),
1 Chichewa (Malawi),
1 Ewe (Ghana, Togo),
1 Farsi (Iran),
1 Indonesian,
1 Kyangonde (Tanzania, Malawi),
1 Lithuanian,
1 Luganda (Uganda),
1 Luvale (Angola/Zambia),
1 North Ndebele (Zimbabwe),
1 Norwegian,
6 North Sotho  (Southern Africa),
1 Oshikwanyama (Namibia),
1 Shona (Zimbabwe),
1 South Sotho (Southern Africa),
7 Swati (Swaziland),
5 Swahili (Kenya,Tanzania),
4 Chitonga (Zambia),
1 Tshivenda (Southern Africa),
4 Tswana (Southern Africa),
1 Urdu (Pakistan),
2 Vietnamese,
1 Zulu

Today's Recordings
8.25.2022 2:00 PM

Today at the Switzerland Studio, we are recording the French translation of 60-1210 The Philadelphian Church Age. Here at the Jeffersonville recording studio, Bro Juan Ceballos is recording the Spanish translation of 64-0206E God’s Provided Way For This Day.