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I came back to work, opened the website this morning from Christmas, and read the message, “We love you". I’m working alone and it just warmed and melted my heart.

I pray everyone in the VGR family is strengthened and ready to go into battle. Maybe some of you didn't leave the battlefield during this Christmas break, but rest assured, a lot of believers are praying for you!

Wonderful portion of the word: IF WE WALK IN THE EVENING LIGHTS, THE EVENING SIGN SHALL FOLLOW US. Amen. I feel blessed, oh Lord, help me to walk faithfully in this evening LIGHT.

Praise our God. He is so real, healing the sick in our midst. All glory to our Lord Jesus, for we have heard but now we see. Believing always that all things are possible.

I appreciate all your testimonies and especially this one!

Perfect! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing. This has happened to me also. I was healed twice of illnesses that Brother Branham, on the recordings, discerned and called my name! "Jesus Christ the same yesterday today and forever!"

My, My, My, What a Wonderful Testimony-Healing of the Your Heart Brother Anderson! Worshipping and thanking God with you, Jesus is a very present help in the time of trouble! To think that the prophet would call the name "Anderson" clear back in 1965! Down through the corridor of time God knew your need for healing! This is such a precious testimony and miracle!

God bless Bro. Isaac... I'm also 25, from South Africa, baptized one year after he was at 17. Not only that but I confess with him, I believe with him, I testify with him, and I know he got the job. This without a speck of doubt. God bless his gallant soul.

I believe and stand in faith with you for God to bring it to pass. I'm also expecting to receive from Him and you've encouraged me to testify.

I have joined brother Isaacs confessing he's received his job, and thank the Lord for that because I BELIEVE IT.

Congratulations on your new job.

“If we were so far off at the start, where are we now?” These brothers are brilliant to ask that question. That was a good one.

I feel so humbled by these testimonies. I can only say Lord Jesus have mercy on me.

They take the words right out of our mouths, Lord bless them and keep them.

This gives me hope. My 76-year-old mother had massive stroke in May 2018, and she’s suffers so with back pain. I often wonder why such a sweet lady must suffer so. I continue to pray and believe she will be healed from the pain in her back.

God is good. I am also 24yrs old, and I suffered from a compression fracture in my L1 vertebrae. I also read Blind Bartimaeus and printed a paragraph out of the sermon which Brother Branham speaks about positive thoughts. I have pain however, I believe God has already healed me, and with your testimony, I have more blessed confirmation that our Lord is able to take all the pain away.

This testimony sets my soul on Fire! I can’t stop praising God for it, and I set my ambition to continually feed my on the Message more and more.

Losing my little mind to gain the MIND OF CHRIST is worth ALL, and that's all I want.

So marvelous when one comes to find his position in Christ, the Word!

I really enjoyed reading this testimony. It is very edifying, and it actually makes me thirst more for the Lord Jesus and the Message of the Hour! Lord let me draw closer to you, and put aside all the distractions for there are so many.

Mama Esther's Christian life was a mystery. As I said before, she did not read or write, and she didn't understand English either. After her baptism, she liked listening to the tapes of Bro. Branham in English, without translation."

God bless you, Mama Esther. I cannot wait to meet you one of the days very soon now.

God Bless these great people, like Brother Branham preached it’s the rising of the sun. When the Son of God warms the seed, the seed responds.

I was privileged to attend her funeral in Ndalu, in December 2018. When I heard this testimony, I shed tears. I also made sure I learned how to sing her favorite song - "You must be born again." When I returned to Nairobi, I gathered my family and we sang the song together. The song has become like our family anthem every evening we gather for family prayer. God rest the soul of that dear sister in eternal peace. She's in the bosom of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen!

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