Agapao Tablet Sponsorship

Agapao Tablet production is full speed ahead! Our assembly line in Jeffersonville is putting out thousands of tablets that are destined for believers all over the globe, and we have a brand-new program for those who want to get involved.

The new sponsorship page allows you to sponsor a single tablet or get involved in a monthly program. Every month, believers from around the world will pool their resources together for an Agapao Tablet sponsorship project. Each sponsor (whether you are on the monthly program or not) will receive a custom international postage stamp in the mail to place on a beautiful sound wave print or on the new Agapao Passport book.

The sound wave is the digital form of Brother Branham saying, “You can’t visit every nation. You can send tapes to it.” A new stamp is sent out to sponsors every month, so you can collect all 24. Each stamp has a corresponding position on the sound print for the two-year project. The frameable print can be purchased for $10.

The Agapao Passport is for all those young missionaries (and young at heart). For each monthly tablet sponsorship, your stamp can be placed inside your passport. Like a world traveler, your passport pages will be filled with exotic countries where the Agapao Tablet will go. The passport booklets come with your choice of passport covers, available in three colors, and can be purchased for $5.

Think about knowing the name of the person who is responsible for you receiving the Word of God!

There is another very exciting function of the Tablet: the name of the donor will be placed on the startup screen on the tablet they sponsor. Think about knowing the name of the person who is responsible for you receiving the Word of God! When the Agapao Tablet is turned on, it will display the name of the person, family, or church who donated it. You will be able to enter your name, your name and your family, your church name, or “in loving memory of…” You are also welcome to make it anonymous which will be displayed as “a fellow member of the Bride of Christ.”

Note that because the tablet is a donation, the passport and/or print cannot be purchased in the same transaction as your sponsorship order. You’ll need to close your order, then go back to the sponsorship page to make the next purchase.

(We will be unable to respond if you send this message anonymously.)

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