Republic of Congo
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Alphonse Kina

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B P 13061
2 Rue Tsaba / Croisement Avec
L' Avenue De La Paix
Apres Le C E G Matsoua Moungali

Country Demographics



French (official), Lingala and Monokutuba (lingua franca trade languages), many local languages and dialects (of which Kikongo is the most widespread)

Roman Catholic 33.1%, Awakening Churches/Christian Revival 22.3%, Protestant 19.9%, Salutiste 2.2%, Muslim 1.6%, Kimbanguiste 1.5%, other 8.1%, none 11.3%

Life Expectancy:
58.52 years

GDP per-capita:

Of Interest:
Upon independence in 1960, the former French region of Middle Congo became the Republic of the Congo. A quarter century of experimentation with Marxism was abandoned in 1990 and a democratically elected government took office in 1992. A brief civil war in 1997 restored former Marxist President Denis SASSOU-Nguesso, and ushered in a period of ethnic and political unrest. Southern-based rebel groups agreed to a final peace accord in March 2003, but the calm is tenuous and refugees continue to present a humanitarian crisis. The Republic of Congo is one of Africa's largest petroleum producers, but with declining production it will need new offshore oil finds to sustain its oil earnings over the long term.

The economy is a mixture of subsistence hunting and agriculture, an industrial sector based largely on oil and support services, and government spending. Oil has supplanted forestry as the mainstay of the economy, providing a major share of government revenues and exports. Natural gas is increasingly being converted to electricity rather than being flared, greatly improving energy prospects. New mining projects, particularly iron ore that entered production in late 2013 may add as much as $1 billion to annual government revenue. Economic reform efforts have been undertaken with the support of international organizations, notably the World Bank and the IMF, including recently concluded Article IV consultations. The current administration faces difficult economic challenges of stimulating recovery and reducing poverty. The drop in oil prices during the global crisis reduced oil revenue by about 30%, but the subsequent recovery of oil prices boosted the economy's GDP from 2009-13. Officially the country became a net external creditor as of 2011, with external debt representing only about 16% of GDP and debt servicing less than 3% of government revenue.

Central Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between Angola and Gabon

Office Staff

Alphonse Kina

Office Manager

Manager History:

At the beginning of 1987, a friend spoke to him and gave him a book of the Message. In May 1987, he was having dreams, and in these dreams, there were always workers modifying his house, and that was troubling him every day. He then felt pushed to get in contact with the brother that had given him the book. This brother invited him to come and hear the Message at the church of Nkounka Bateke, the only church of the Message at that time. He went on a Friday, and he felt like Nathanael, who saw his life unveiled in the sermon. On the Sunday, he took the commitment to be baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1988, he was baptized with the Holy Ghost, and 7 years later, in January 1994, he was voted unanimously as a trustee in the Mont Carmel Tabernacle church, office he still have today.

Brother Bebel Ngouadi Assistant

Office History

Voice of God is a work of Faith. In 2005, God had put a burden on my heart for the need to see VGR be the owner of its location. Since the quantity of materials were becoming important, I became impatient. In 2007-2008, as I was seeing the condition of the house we rented and   it did not respect the value of the Message. I exposed the problem to Brother Joseph Branham. There were two solutions: we needed to change and rent something else, or to buy our own building. The answer was that I needed to be patient, knowing that something was on its way and that an opportunity would show up.

In 2008, Brother Joseph took the decision to search and buy a piece of land with a house to accommodate the office of VGR Brazzaville. God in His love and mercy had also put a burden on the heart of Pastor Romuald Ngalibali and his church (Arc en Ciel), to buy a land with a house on a main road. It is in January 2009, during the distribution of the MP3s that we were surprised to receive this precious gift. The God of William Marrion Branham is real.

When our office was on Mpangala street, the Government had the project to finalize Tsaba Street, where we currently are located. They started with the water pipes channeling, but the work had stopped when we arrived, in 2010. Now in 2014, our God Who listens and grants the desires of His children’s heart, answered my prayer to see the front of our building completed, as well as that part of the street. It is the Government (C.E.E. European Economic Committee) who pays for the project.

Today, it is completed without VGR spending one penny. The front of the building and the street are completed, built with durable cement pave.

May the God of William Marrion Branham, Who is the God of Joseph Marrion Branham and also our God, the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, be glorified forever.